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Sent my Artwork to [Fragglesrock] NO RESPONSE

I am a bit uncomfortable that I sent my artwork to fragglesrock a supposedly reputable fiverr participant and I have yet to hear anything back… its been over a month and yes I have tried to contact them more than once… I do not want trademark violations to deal with



Not sure if the sheriffs will ding you for calling out a seller…

In the meantime their bio profile states they are upgrading their computers and have extended delivery time and when upgrading is completed, delivery times will be changed from 5 days to 24 hours.

Good luck!

Wow I just saw this… never knew it was posted this way… thought I was sending via customer service… Oh well I did hear from customer service and they assisted…

@aprilgabrielle In the meantime, you’ve smeared the reputation of a seller across the title of your post. THAT shows why one of the forum rules is that we can’t call out others by name. Your misunderstanding led you to angrily besmirch an innocent person. Please do the decent thing and edit your forum title and first post and take that person’s name off. Not doing so reflects poorly on your character.

You are putting way too much on it… really! SMEARED… REally… again never saw this rule… I think I’ll just stay out of the forums… and if it gets too bad… leave Fiverr… If I had done the same to someone else… I would expect them to say something… I always make sure my customers are satisfied… its a nature of doing business… its not a smear campaign when its the truth

You are popular these days:)

Based on your profile, you are obviously an educated woman.

If I said something negative about you on the forum and said it’s the truth, I’m sure you would take exception to my truth v.s. yours.

If you browse the forum, there are tons of posts by buyers and sellers condemning each other. One thing all condemnations have in common, we only get one side of the story.

The forum is great for ranting and getting it off your chest but if you feel you were treated in any way unfairly there is only avenue on Fiver that can do something about it and that is Fiverr Customer Service.

@steveeyes if its the truth its not gossip nor hearsay… not a me against you, let’s see whose telling the truth. The evidence speaks for itself. Therefore no, it is not defamation of character, libel nor slander. I can prove it… if you can prove it than so be it. Be responsible enough as a professional to take it. It’s the process of doing business all of your customers will not be happy. Fix it. In addition, I believe this was an earlier post for me and I was ignorant to contacting customer service which I did. Later I found the seller has changed his profile and working under a new name. WHY?

Reply to @aprilgabrielle: well, technically speaking, if someone can prove damages as a result of you telling the truth about something, they could have a case against you. Like if you go to someones employer and tell them something personal about one of their employees and that employee gets fired over it, it may be true, but that employee can certainly sue you and win a case.

But as for your seller changing their profile and working under a new name, I’d stay far away…hopefully you didn’t acutally pay for a gig, but were just contacting them

Reply to @sincere18: Actually you are allowed to say something about someone if it is true. If it gets into a lawsuit and you prove it is true you will win in court.

However on fiverr the rule is you cannot name another seller.