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Sent Offer and buyers response

Guys, there is a time gap between buyer request acceptance (sent offer) and buyer to offer back with order.
Suppose I sent an offer now 4.30 pm EST, if at all buyers accepts my offer and response back. What is the usual time gap between sent offer and buyer response.

Is that happen immediately or will have to wait a day …


Sometimes the gap can be a day. Sometimes many days. Sometimes they’ll never get back to you.

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For me, I have received an answer in less than 1 hour, and sometimes in a day.

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It all depends on the buyer and when they feel like contacting you. There is no way someone can give a definite answer to this question :arrow_down:

A month or two ago, there was this buyer who contacted me 2–3 weeks after I had sent the BR offer.

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One of my buyers contacted me in less than 1 hour, so I don’t think, this is kind of fixed. It can vary

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Thanks for your valuable comments. All I want to know the TIME GAP when buyer gets to know our Sent Offer. Its like any batch run in Fiverr Tools or something like that…

I understand response is completely up to them.

ahh… Now I understand… You could have worded your initial question a little better but no worries… I think I get it now.

I am not entirely sure about this but I think it is spontaneous/immediate. I think they get a notification as soon as you send an offer in response to a BR. Cuz, I have received immediate responses, too (within a couple of minutes after submitting a BR offer)!

Hope this answers your question. :smiley:

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Great, you answered me. Thanks a lot. I agree my wording mistake