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Sent offer prevents me from seeing new Buyer Requests

So, two weeks ago, I sent an offer to a Buyer Request under the Illustration category, since one of my gigs was suited for it.
Nothing happened, I assume because the buyer received a more interesting offer.

But the issue is that my sent offer is still active, even when i haven’t got any response.
And this prevents me from seeing new Buyer Requests on the same category.

Anyone else having the same issue? How can i deactivate/undo the offer if I haven0t got any response? so i can try again with new requests?

Thanks in advance

Hello supervicento,

You cannot remove/delete “Sent offers” from buyer requests page. It will be there and will not automatically remove, even if buyer accepted another offer.

But if you need to to remove an “Active request”, move your mouse to that offer and click “Remove Request” button.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response.

I don’t need to remove active requests, that belongs to a different problem.
I think it would be useful that old offers become “inactive” or something