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Sent offers buyer request like gambling lol

My first time sending offer buyer request it’s like gamble on a big table with one or two card on it lol
hoping i get offer from buyer request


It’s not like gambling at all unless you’re applying to things generically without proving you are a good fit for that project.

Like 95% of sellers who respond to BRs do so generically with poor English. So if you’re professional you can increase your odds.


today i had send 2 offers buyer request, Hopefully it will be my lucky today.
and for weak English, I admit it I can’t speak English well, slowly still learn it

thanks for your reply

It looks like you are staying at the poker table with 2 good cards in hands and you are waiting for your convenient combination. I like this feeling when I play. Now with this pandemic, I cannot go to a real casino and I changed it with an online one. I have learned that our online casinos are just trying to milk money from us and it is really easy to see that. Foreign ones like W88 are not at all like that. They are fair and they are trying really hard to keep their players. They are really good at it as I have been playing there for months now and it is really enjoyable.