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Sent them multiple revisions and now they want a refund?

So I got an order to make an event invitation and they purchased the gig and the get it in 24 hours gig. Well, they didn’t give me much of anything to work with, only a picture and what they want on the invitation and told me to create something for them. I do so and I make 5 revisions (requested by them) until they then say “we’ve changed our minds and would like to go with something else” and they want a refund. I’ve already given them what they asked for and done multiple (free) revisions and now they want a refund after all of the work has been done and sent to them… What do I do?

You just have a few orders and some buyers have already given you less than 5 star ratings. Overall that wouldn’t be a big deal if you had lots of orders completed with great ratings. Since you aren’t there yet, though, if you refuse to refund the buyer, they will probably leave you a low rating. It could be enough to drop your rating percentage so low that it might take you longer than normal to get to level 1. That leaves you with 2 options.

1.) You can refund the buyer and lose money, time and work but you won’t risk getting a poor rating.

2.) You can refuse to refund the buyer, see if they rate you low, and if they do you can try asking Fiverr Customer Support if they will consider removing the feedback. Sometimes they do remove lowered ratings and sometimes they don’t. It’s very unpredictable. Also, if you refuse to refund the buyer and they complain to CS or do a chargeback, you may end up losing the money and time that way.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Well I am at level 1 already, but I do see what you’re saying. It’s best to just accept the loss than to possibly miss out on future sales due to a bad review.

Reply to @queenbeedigital: Yeah, unfortunately they sometimes take away level badges temporarily. I think you’d have to get lower than 95% positive at least, maybe lower, but it does happen. :frowning:

Some buyers simply cannot be pleased. I have done thousands of gigs and have had a a few people who were unhappy.

I would much rather lose the $5 than have a bad rating. My rating is at 96% or so but for me that is not good enough. Buyers want to see 100% ratings.

Give this buyer a refund and move on. There will be other buyers!!

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It can also be a scam, that some buyers do this purposely to get the work for free.


@fonthaunt is right instead of getting low rating do refund this will be a better option to get more work. Here many people who do such thing. so no worry just keep working hard. you will get allot work and you will gonna love fiverr soon.

Thank you

Reply to @sincere18: Imagine. The same $5 used over and over ad infinitum to get free Gigs. Cancel a Gig, get a refund, use the $5 credit to buy another, cancel again, repeat.

@ricksper , surely these scammers are caught out, and bumped? if a buyer keeps on canceling and getting refunds, this is suspicious behavior? If not, why not, they are actually just wasting everyone’s time.

it is better to do the refund than get a negative review…get rid of that buyer…you will never have this guy on your buyers list anymore, i know you worked but with the time you will have great returning customers

Can’t these scammers just make new accounts and do this stuff again to the sellers? I think there should be more protection for sellers. Do you mind if I ask what country this buyer was from? I have a suspicion that certain countries tend to scam seller’s on here.

Hi there, I actually had the same issue. So, I had a buyer who wanted a packaging design with multiple revisions and multiple concepts, blueprint, 3d, everything, they were tide on a budget and explained me how they are not sure what they actually want. I have had a very poor brief to work with. So, I made them instead of purchasing my extra GIGs (which would prolly go up to 300$ if not more), I made them a custom offer for 150$. For start I gave them 5 concepts, we choose on one, so based on that one i gave them few more, then i realized that with his product and design they like logo doesn’t fit, under the same order without adding on, I made them two different logos, in different variations. After all that they decided how they are not sure they want that product on a market anymore or something and asked for a refund. SO this is what i did: I delivered them full designs as order said, and they liked it and everything, still wanted refund. SO, I explained calmly how much of time and work I invested into design, and how refund based on reasons of a refund are not fair towards me, hence I was working and did my part of a deal. They accepted my reasonable explanation, gave me 5 star feedback and review, and apologized for stuffs.

My point is, you just have to communicate with a buyer, and explain how this all is not a joke for you and how much actually design worth and what you invest into it. Very few people here are actually unreasonable. Just be professional and value your work. If on end of handling this way your order you still get bad review, I would suggest you to contact costumer support, because you did your job, and by communication with client they can see that bad review was just because of not accepting refund idea and bad review would most likely be removed by them.

Reply to @ricksper: the only good thing about this is that he will never buy again from the same seller…i believe in karma too