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Sentence Launcher?

Hello everyone, I am sending a lot of messages here in Fiverr, a lot of times saying the same thing. I don’t how the user with a lot of sales do it, but I think it would be awesome to have a sentence launcher, some Fiverr feature or a browser extension that allows me to enter several custom words to be launched by a click.

Do you about the existence of something like that? Something better than copy/paste sentences from a word doc.

I have a piece of software where I can trigger I key combination like CTRL + 1 and it puts the text in the delivery box for me, I have hot keys setup for all of my gigs, there is software out there, But I am not allowed to point you to it

@ozzieuk who does not allow?

If everyone is interested I found something useful, a google chrome extension called Auto Text Expander, it allows me to turn some characters into a shortcut for a predefined sentence.

I have my intro message for new costumers shortened by Hello0. I use the 0 because otherwise it would insert the predefined text everytime I typed Hello.