Sentence Structure and geographic locations


Hi, I recently paid for and received 5 pages’s of content for my webpage. I received all of the content that I requested on time but it was awful. The Fiverr seller was from another country and the sentence structure isn’t even close to what I need for my site. I contacted him and asked for an edit and he rewrote all of the pages. The problem was the rewrite was worse than the original and completely unusable. I now need to find someone that will write me some usable content for my site. Is there anyway to find a seller in the same geographic area that I live in.


I can think of these options:

Post a ‘Buyer Request’, you´ll find that, when you on your page either in the top bar or next to your icon top left, click ‘Requests’ > 'Post a Request. You get a character limit for your post though (not sure how many), so make sure you´ll type your main concerns (geographical location, wordcount, whatever else is important) first and concise. Then sellers will send you offers. Caveat: You might get offers from sellers who don´t fulfill your requirements, or even didn´t actually read them lol.

Click yourself through sellers you get for your relevant search terms and check their profiles, which show at least the country they are in…caveats here: it shows their country based on their IP, in many cases that will tell you where they are, but, as you know, IPs can be faked, also of course there might be great sellers from your geo area who live in another country now or momentarily. Reading a seller’s gig description might help you to find out if they ‘write in your sentence structure’ too.

Try to find one here on the forum even, by adding your geo location here and asking sellers from there (if any are) to contact you.

Option 1 and 3 of course mean that you have to ‘publicly announce’ your location.

When you have a seller in mind, but still are unsure about them, you could ask if they really are from ‘x’, and if they confirm, you could ask for a short sample, so if they’ll get the job it wouldn´t be a loss to them, as they´d already done that bit then. Obviously do that one by one (well, let´s hope they won´t lie about their geo location of course, so you´ll only need to ask 1 ;)), don´t let 10 sellers do it, while the job will go only to 1. :slight_smile:

Hope this might help or that someone with a better method will come along.


Personally I don’t understand why anyone uses Fiverr search for writers. The Forum has thousands of articles/posts written with lots of detailed replies. You will find a lot of writers are extremely active here and you can see how they write and the quality of their English. Of course, if you are looking for 5 pages of website content for $5 then you won’t ever get decent work unless the writer is particularly desperate. You will find that type of writer’s contribution to the forum in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section


Oh right, I´d thought of asking for writers to contact you here as you already posted on the forum, but what @eoinfinnegan says is another option to make use of the forum of course, there are a lot of talented writers writing, partly very long, posts here, so you can ‘see their writing in live action’ so to speak, and in that light: you can click the names of forum posters and will see a link to their profile and can look at, and book, their gigs there. Make sure to read the gig description too before ordering, some sellers require prior contact. :slight_smile:


I agree that the forum is a great place to find some highly skilled writers.
There must be a dozen or more who are regulars here and all are excellent.