SEO-Fiverr Backlinks gig 2016


watch my gig , why i dont get any order yet.


Welcome to Fiverr!!

It looks like all of your gigs are brand new. I recommend you start with 1-2 gigs and then add more gigs only once your first one or two have gotten some good ratings from customers.

I would also recommend having someone brush up the grammar on your profile and within your gigs; if you’re trying to reach English-speaking customers, your title of “I will rank you first in google as faster ever” is going to turn them away because the correct wording is actually “I will rank you first on Google as fast as ever”

Because there are so many sellers on Fiverr, simple things like grammar and readability are easy ways for buyers to bypass your gig and move onto someone else who has paid more attention to detail.


Thank you very much for your comment. I really want to do better on fiverr. What should i do now.if i now rewrite my gig title , is it harmful for me?


Please reply me. What about my backlink gig.


How did you become an expert seo if your service is not sold?
Promote your service


I have alrady Promote on twterr ,google+, Linkdin,FB. What about now.I want to make my gig active.



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