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SEO Fiverr Gigs That WORKED!

Hi guys,

Please post your experience with Fiverr SEO gigs & processes that have actually WORKED for you (with examples of the results you got & total spend).

I think this would be one of the most useful threads in the forum! :slight_smile:


Waiting for posts… :slight_smile:

create a video then post to youtube.


I think the main problem here is that a lot of people, who may have used working SEO and marketing services… well, don’t want to share that they did. SEO type marketing is a private service that generally remains between the client and their provider. That’s like buying 10000 Youtube views and then advertising that they were fake to the world.

I think the best way to see the best (And most working services) is to simply look at their gig rating. That’s what it’s for! :wink:

I don’t sell my SEO services on Fiverr as we work with large firms that simply can’t afford to do anything except strict white hat SEO. I agree with bigbadbilly - if a company does use grey or black hat SEO they are most likely not going to brag about it. For one, Google may be listening…

You are the smartest in fiverr. You don’t need to answer any of my questions to reply my message. I did not have any studied. I’m so unsuccessful because I’m not smart. I cannot sell anything here but only buy and buy. Try and try… Using 5-15 USD every time I try a new service. Only smart people can sell in fiverr and I kept mentioning seller’s name here…

Ok… cut the crap. Anyone purchased a seo gig in fiverr that worked? How do you measured it is working? Please recommend and share.


Can you highlight who did I attack in this thread? Cannot describe other sellers? How do you recommend gigs in this thread? forum agreement? No I didn’t read.

What do you mean by: Seo is flooded promotion search engine with the index page.

Alex started this thread with what intention in mind? Did it went that direction? Have anyone bought a seo gig that worked and post the report/result here? If sugarcode_ca bought quality_first gig, why didn’t he left a good recommendation for him? I’m wrong to describe other seller here? Is this platform really sincere to gather talents all over the world to provide services? Is this section really created for buyers? Is this thread dedicated for sellers?

I was a bit excited to discover this thread just to find out that no “gigs that worked” is posted in here. Just sugarcode_ca recommended quality_first seo gig which is both from canada. The funny thing is that sugarcode didn’t even leave a good recommendation on quality_first’s one and only gig. Or I should he didn’t even buy it.

The rest uses this as a platform to promote their services. Any genuine buyer in here beside the threadstarter?

The only gig that work for me is by rubikart to do a underwater video for my mom’s birthday and order another bus video for my gal. Both professionally done. Another is to input a romantic song for the video by blatchbunch.

Other than these…

I bought “geninue traffic” turn out to be a bot traffic that drives my adsense rpm to a super low rates. I also bought links that don’t get indexed by google. OK… we don’t down sell people’s products but any gig worth mentioning here? Is there any buyers?

There are a lot of quality blog mentions out there for high authority backlink. Of course I am talking one backlink at a time, not thousands!

seo gigs works

Now that is the only service I am providing on Fiverr in my views, check it out…!

I will rank your website higher in Google with Best SEO for $5

As someone that offers SEO services, it’s hard to relay that information as every niche’ is different. One person may have major success with the advisory work I provide, and others may have a tougher time as some areas are much more competitive than others. The best you can really do is trial and error and see who is right for you. However, if someone is essentially “offering the world” for $5, you have to be at least a little bit suspicious. Those that guarantee 1st page rankings, especially on high ranked pages can be risky especially if they promise it in a short period of time. It’s best to build up natural organic traffic as it’s the best kind of traffic that will keep coming back month after month, and by building on it you can get more and more sales, more unique clients, and a longer healthier business model. Best of luck!

I have a method you can purchase on my gigs.

Basically it’s about making a facebook group and adding 1000 + members for 2 minutes with script.

That’s a highly valuable thing because you can make unlimited groups and every post you make will be in all the member’s homepage !!

mine works

If you need keyword research I am absolutly the best. I have my SEO company and Im just searching new clients for the future, so I’m doing $30 work for $5 :smiley:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I’m super happy with @quality_first he gave me a detailed SEO report and also added my link to a private AD Network Engine. I’ve received a few sales, many visitors. Now we are talking about fixing the on-site SEO violations that were on my report.

Reply to @austinchng: I’d like to answer your last questions. First I also sell OnSite SEO services on Fiverr.

Many people think SEO means those low quality Bulk Link building gigs, but almost all the bulk link building gigs are using software(Bad methods). Anyway you can measure the success of a SEO gig by following methods,

  • Check your Search Queries page of Google Webmaster Tools. If there’s even a small amount of impact by the SEO gig, you’ll see the graph rising.

  • Check your Google Analytics or any other Analytics to see if the Organic Traffic increases than what your site had before.

  • If you’re taking OnSite SEO gigs, you may use tools such as WooRank to measure the SEO score. (First check if the gig you’re taking does what is mentioned on WooRank)

    SEO contains high amount of SEO signals. Doing just 1 thing may not boost your numbers in above methods. I hope you learn something from my reply. :slight_smile:



Reply to @luikangmk: Interesting reply from you. I saw you have a gig for Onsite SEO works. I personally do not believe in $5 miracle anymore. I believe SEO is a continuous work and willing to engage real services. What is your charges range? PM me and we can discuss if you still have slots for work.

1600 views with 25 comments. Not a single SEO gig that worked?