SEO Gig - Rate & Review


In most cases, SEO optimization shows results at least after a few months. Why should I leave a hint when I receive the order ??? How can I approve an order without leaving feedback - Rate & Review?


You’re not obliged to leave rating to an order - you can simply move on and forget about the order, because it will automatically complete after 3 days without any rating :wink:


I would like to leave a rating, but I want to be sure of the SEO outcome of optimization. I was misled repeatedly to load the rating left immediately after receiving Gig.


Well, unfortunately after a month you won’t be able to rate an order anymore, that’s how Fiverr was designed, so you can only leave rating within 30 days since delivery.


I called again and then deleted the sites !!! I feel cheated again once again !!!


If you think you have been cheated and can’t work it out with the seller, you can take your case to Fiverr’s Customer Support, they’ll be able to help you, this here is ‘just’ a forum, peer-to-peer chat and help, but nothing official.