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SEO gig requirement

Last time I tried to upload a gig regarding SEO. But fiverr asked me to participate a compulsory exam to make it active. It was really hard for me to know all the right answers. I scored 19 out of 40. And then it declined to get active my gig. Please if anyone could help me to get over this exam. And please let me know if anyone has faced the same experience. Thanks in advance.

Why would it be hard to know all the right answers, if you are already skilled enough to offer an SEO-related service? – Fiverr requires these tests so that sellers have to actually know the service they are trying to sell.

It would appear that you do not know enough about SEO services to be trying to sell professional SEO services here on Fiverr. Only offer services in skills within which you are already talented.

No, we cannot help you cheat your potential buyers. If you don’t have marketable skills, then you should not be trying to sell those services here on Fiverr.


Completely agree with you…!

Thanks for your reply. I agree with you. It’s my bad not being able to do the best. I will try to improve. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@langoljamdipong You might try looking up Hubspot Academy courses - they’re free and very informative. :slight_smile: