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SEO Gigs Review Policy as a buyer


Is it possible for Fiverr to review its policy on the length of time you give buyers to review a gig?

In SEO gigs - traffic in particular, can take up to 30 days to give a full result.
I don’t like to review a gig until I have proof so providing a review within 3 days for a gig that’s going to be tracked for a 30 day period, or 7 or 14 days, results in me either not leaving a review or, out of courtesy I leave a 5 star review mainly because they’ve communicated well. Now that is a problem because on more than one occasion I’ve left a good review but haven’t received what I’d paid for.

At the least, I would like to go back and change the review I’d left and update it… is this possible? I don’t want a refund or dispute, just add comments.


Actually, a buyer can leave a rating/review within 30 days - some of my buyers left me a review after weeks since delivery.

What you’re referring to as 3 days is the marking of an order as completed. You can simply ignore that and the order will be marked automatically as complete after those 3 days, after which you will have 30 days to leave a review, no matter the category of the gig :wink:

Here’s in the words of Fiverr:

• As a buyer, you cannot complete an order without rating it. If nothing is done, the order will autocomplete three days after the delivery date and be marked as completed.

• Buyers and sellers have 30 days to leave feedback.

• Only sellers can edit their feedback.


The only way to do it is if the seller asks for feedback revision through the Resolution Center, and if your comments are going to be unfavorable, the seller is highly unlikely to do that.

Or, you can ask Customer Support to remove your review, and explain them why.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, sellers are not allowed to mark the order as delivered until the service is fully performed.


I’d be interested in a reply to this, as a seller and buyer. :slight_smile:


The two replies you’ve had have said it all I think! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need any more information you can have a look here: