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Hi guys im new on fiverr and i notice 1 thing. Lot of SEO gigs are useless and cant help you at all. If someone know SEO basic you know im right. Google penalize all sites who use unnatural methods to boost site. Why fiverr don’t remove those gigs from site? And how to present buyers the good seo gigs service? Can any1 help me with suggestion and advices?


Interesting thread i agree with you. I give you a fact and prove that i am right. I also asked on seomoz to review seo gigs on this service. I read a lot thread from people who actually know seo and i found that i am right.

integermaxvalue i saw your gigs too and i laughed so hard.

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This is totally not true. If you know SEO you will notice that fiverr has a lot of good SEO gigs

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tip: no one cant guaranty 1. ranking in google or any SE

I read a lot about SEO and google start penalize unnatural SEO (unnatural backlinks)

By my opinion every 3th seo gig cant help you and if it can help you in near future it wont help you.

@wr4th_ almost all of your gig cant help a lot for quality SEO. The most important thing in seo is content and quality backlinks (but not spam backlinks) like the most of people offer.

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Look, i am doing SEO for years and i own a digital marketing agency. As i see you know NOTHING ABOUT SEO. SO please don’t confuse other people. My backlinks are not spam links. All are with tiers, and drip fed. YOU KNOW NOTHING SO PLEASE DON"T SPEAK

If u have agency why u offer gigs for 5$? I know what i wrote. Probably you know SEO but its matter of time when your method will be useless. I hope some1 who rly know seo will join conversation.

You read 1 article from a blog and you think you are SEO god. LOL, do you know how much i make from FIverr? It is extra income and i build relationships here.

YOU speak bullshi*z. My method will be useless??


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I don’t think so. I just write my opinion. If you can’t accept criticism its your problem. I don’t get why you are so upset.


I laughed a lot on your comments. :smiley: Also checked your gigs. You are nervous because no one buy them because they are ****. The SEO gigs are the most profitable on Fiverr. Keep thinking they are fake.

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Reply to @marinac5: Lol, I have never been laughing this hard!

You are probably a SEO Seller which no one buys from and with this topic you just want to “Remove” the competitive gigs. SEO Experts here just make some easy extra money practicing what they know exactly how to do it. If there are so many positive reviews on the seo gigs, why they are useles? Do you really believe that people throw their money just like that? Every SEO Expert who knows exactly what he is doing, will give you detailed report about his work and there you are able to see the change - How google indexes you higher and higher with your keyword. All things that you write here are completely bullshits and I hardly believe that anyone will trust them.

P.S: Take a rest and optimize your gigs instead of posting useful sh*t on the fiverr® forum.

P.S2: You will tell me know that you do not have other account but we know that you are a SEO seller who just wants to eliminate the competitors.

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marinac5 With all my respect I want to tell that all the things you said are not true. There are really nice and helpful SEO gigs on fiverr. If they were useless why they had been rated positively by so many people.

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Reply to @integermaxvalue: Right in the spot BRO! Totally agree with you!

@smith964 i know that. Here is some articles on SEOmoz It confirms what I said:

read comments too.

I dont have other accounts and i don’t sell SEO gigs as i sad im new here and i wanted to hear other opinions.

Well, I understand you’re new here, but just a thought… calling out other peoples’ gigs and linking them is pretty rude… A lot of people make money doing SEO gigs here.

And there are a lot of sellers on Fiverr that own businesses or are very successful outside of Fiverr. Fiverr is a great community they want to be a part of where they can network and make extra pocket money. We even have a few famous personalities here and there on Fiverr so don’t assume that everyone on Fiverr is broke. Some people generously teach or sell their services for $5 which a lot of people can benefit from.

SEO gigs are very successful here… honestly, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them.

@mrspanda i deleted gigs i linked, you were right about that, sorry.

We provide SEO services which are of optimization, specially wordpress optimization if buyers goes for some black hat SEO that his mistake

@marinac5 you’re total right

99.99% of fiverr seo gigs are black hat methods. But not only on fiverr, many online forums with seller marketplace are offering the same. All of those gigs with a promise of 100’s, 1000’s and even 10000’s links. Are totally spammy, not even 1 of them is worth ordering, unless you want your website to be penalize.

Many of my orders are seo related, it is hard to find a decent seo gig. Original content and a few links is usually a decent seo gig that worth ordering.

let them keep ordering and get nowhere, of course people will keep ordering those gigs as they want the easy way, and have zero knowledge in seo.

The smart ones, are the ones who do the right seo and those are the ones who will wins the ranking, and leave them with thinking why they’re not ranking.

@wr4th_ your gigs are not spam, they’re the definition of spam and black hat seo. Maybe you’re trying to protect your 0 worth seo service, but don’t send miss information to someone that ask a legit question. You can drip-feed and tire it as much as you want. It is still worth nothing.

This is totally not true.

one of my SEO Gigs will show you an exclusive methods to drive over 100,000 unique visitors in 3 days, and HUNDREDS of back-links from reputable high pr sites. Some of these links appeared on page one of Google the same day. no press releases no link buying no pay-per-click no social media no costs to execute, period! no junk referrers, link spam, bots, or black hat tricks