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SEO Is Dead. Traffic using Video rules the game!

Yes, it true! SEO as it is now, is dead. Yet, many still fantasize buying thousands or millions of backlinks, to their websites. It doesn’t work! There’s a lot of fraud on fiverr and you need to be careful not to waste you money.

Producing a video each week for your website will do more than any backlink b.s. On our own site we have a retention rate averaging 15 minutes for a visitor and that is due to video on our website. (we have the proof) The longer the better and increases the conversion rate.

Sure, video costs a little more but there’s no free lunch for backlinks these days. Producing a pro video, (not amateur stuff) with a seasoned presenter makes a difference.

Although 95% of our business is not on fiverr, I can tell you that most of our customers buy on average 12 videos each per month because they know the power of video will drive traffic to their websites.

26 years in broadcast media also makes a difference and I’m a straight shooter who tells it the way it is. I’m not going to give you any bull.

I’m happy to share more with you, just send me a message, just click on the username ‘edume’ to get to our page.

All the best.

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Nice Article!

Thanks for advice.

I will order one of your service very soon

Reply to @radjaseotea: I’ve been around long time guy. Your method of submitting backlinks is no longer the way if you want to believe it or not. Kindly learn yourself and keep updated with what is going on with technology. I already learned long ago and that’s why I know the reality.

Seo isn’t dead, it has just evolved!

Content has always been a key factor in seo and quality backlinks have been secondary. In my opinion just a tiny amount of quality backlinks still work while massive amount of backlinks seem to bring a sites trustrank down (my definition of a quality backlink is a link that you can’t buy placed on a high trustrank site that does not let users submit or post links).

Videos really do seem to be what people search for these days and video blog sites etc do seem to be climbing fast in search engines.

According to google trustrank and site security will have an even bigger impact on seo in the near future and videos can also be used to inspire trust.

So,we have to think about this

Videos are good. But telling that SEO is dead is just not truth :slight_smile:

SEO will die only when google dies.

The problem is that many think that SEO is hundreds of cheap backlinks.

I read just the other day of a company who increased sales by 140% across their whole range of products using video intros.

I’m more than happy to help anyone who needs a video made

Reply to @seodummy: Videos are good for conversion, promotion and other stuff. But I just do not see any relation of videos to SEO ? SEO is one part of marketing, videos are totally different.

If you print 100.000 flyers and share around the city you will have a lot of sales. That will not mean that videos are not good and flyers are good. It’s just part of the marketing and with different effects from company to company.

Reply to @seodummy: Yes, video is the way to go. Those whiteboard videos are on the way out. Viewers can’t handle the hand writing as it is annoying. Producing pro video explaining services as spokesperson, newscaster and tv interview is the method to build trust and credibility. This is what we do and we’ve in broadcast for 26 years. Fiverr is is only 5% of overall business.

Reply to @kjblynx: You are right. Vidoes are part of the SEO but just a small factor as they don’t give pretty big value to SEO.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization = Things you do to improve rankings on search engines. Video is really a not so big factor of it.

Don’t get me wrong. Videos are very good to have and in many cases give more traffic/sales to someone than organic search. What I am saying is just that people call “SEO” something what is not. Traffic is not SEO, better sales are not SEO. SEO is one small part of internet marketing.

So until google keeps ranking website on its search engines SEO will not be dead. And links will be always the most important factor for SEO. Because nothing better can tell that website is good one than a LINK from reputable website.