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SEO Linkbuilding - is this normal?

I have never even heard that phrase before…

that’s the new thing, which google like and give youtube guru to make one video.
But its is not even supported by all the browser forget about other browser, Even by google own browser,
That’s why it never took off.

you can find everything here in

Hi, Sorry to hear that.

Before selecting any SEO,s please check few things about them

  1. Ask them to give the strategy about your business website.
  2. Weekly report as they start doing link building because from startting week only you come to know how quality links they are generating.
  3. Check out every week report and links.
  4. Speak them on phone or through Facebook messenger. So that you can have a good conversation and understanding about work.
  5. Mostly for every SEO work it will take 4-6 months to come up with keywords. But the fruits are very tasty.