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SEO mega package- video and eminent backlinks


I can make an eye catching amazing commercial and post to Youtube- $10 more and you will get an AMAZING backlink package!


Social marketing plus SEO in gig extras- I will make a presentation like the sample above of actual work- post this on my Ytube channel with keywords and market it through my FB groups and twitter.

if you order my gig extra I will- blast an eminent backlink pyramid (EBP) with 5000 Profiles —this is using Senuke x and xrumer.

This consists of 300 Sites close to PR 4+ varies from 10 to 20 .edu …gov profiles randomly in tier 1 and then 4700 profiles built to 300 high site PR links above-mentioned as tier 2, 300+4700=5000 .

Then send 300 backlinks to your url then on top of that- send 4700 to 300 that connect to your url) .they are from different domains, about 90% are do follow and publicly viewable!

Get my $20 gig extra for more! create 8000 backlink’s Tier3 backlinc to Tier2, so then you will have 3 Tiers which is a 13000 backlinx pyramid !!!

use for your videos , Or your FaceBook Page , Press Release , website etc.

This is an amazing good seo for youtube Utube videos and channels, simply because youtube is close with Google…this is not views,comments,direct traffic, or an alexa rank