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Hello Guys,
I have something to ask about my Fiverr Gig promotion. I have already read some blogs for promotion tips, which were too hard to understand. So, I came here to ask, can we do Fiverr gig promotion in a way like we do SEO for a website? For example, I’m posting my gig link here “Usman Khan” for SEO Website technical Audit Report. (Right?)
Also, please I need to know some platform where I can promote my aforementioned Gig like Reddit and ???.

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I’m working with SEO too! Long story short - you can. But it has limitations & the limitations are simple:

  1. The conversion rate will be low because other sellers don’t need your SEO services because 80% of users who will see your links - will be sellers.
  2. Not all topics allow posting your Gig links for self-advertising purposes (no matter if your intent is to do SEO). Use outside of Fiverr forums, it’s allowed.

However, you are free to use:

  • Quora, Reddit and any other Q/A websites to naturally answer questions and add your gig link."
  • Fiverr Gig SEO Titles & Descriptions & 5 selected KW’s & FAQ’s & Image EXIF + Image Filename SEO.

P.S - Fiverr even recommends Quora.

P.S.S - Social networks also can help, but this isn’t very related to SEO, instead it will be treated as self-advertising but it’s allowed.

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This is seen as spamming the forum.

Here are the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

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Thank you so much for the kind response. This is really helpful. I appreciate.

I’ll be careful next time.

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You can promote in your niche related niche then you will get valuable traffic.