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SEO rich article does not mean excessive keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital marketing discipline focused on growing web visibility in the search engines. It encompasses both the creative and technical elements needed to drive traffic, increase awareness, and improve rankings. In other words, SEO is simply structuring and organizing your site in a way that search engines understand.

Having a well written content is also part of the deal in improving SEO. The article should be crafted in manner that search engines should be able to comprehend.
For better SEO results an article should have the right keyword density.

I understand Google places the most emphasis on backlinks, not keywords.

Very true, Google gives more credit to websites that have quite a good number of backlinks. It will consider such websites more relevant than others which do not have.

Keywords and backlinks, both are integral for the SEO of a website but anything in excess will only result in negative outcomes.

I appreciate you

Your completely right. I however, try to steer clear of anyone ever buying backlinks. The point of backlinks in SEO, is that search engines can see that content on a website has been identified as relevant by a human user, through them linking back to that content. In this case, there is a big difference between sites with great content which have a steadily built up stock of genuine backlinks, and sites which suddenly have 100’s and sometimes 1000’s of backlinks appear over night.

Yes, buying backlinks can get you to the top spot on Google, but such sites rarely stay there for long and even when they do, they rarely get as many sales conversions as sites with genuine quality content and call to actions.

In fact, I turn down a lot of work, simply because people send me links to sites which they want content for, only for the sites themselves to need a pretty much full redesign before they will ever be able to compete for the top 100 spots on Google, never mind the top 10.

All that said, if you are in the affiliate marketing business, I suppose back link spamming could prove useful, but that’s a whole different topic.

It used to be you could have a little one page site on the top ten of Yahoo with the right keyword density. Does anyone even use that search engine any more?

I sometimes go back for a nostalgic look now and again, I think Yahoo’s still worth £3 billion though - more than enough to maybe make a comeback in some form one day. Remember the file sharing platform Kazarr for instance? Their peer to peer algorithm is actually what Skype is based on.

Google is well run. They keep their eye on the user’s experience.

Thank you

Very clear, google are user-minded. They solve their problems very fast.