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SEO Sellers makes me sick... Buyers, please Learn what SEO is!

Surely most people who those gigs pay for not knowing, that’s how it is

I could rank a website I made for someone on first page and even on first position partly on google for some relevant keywords (I have translation gigs here, no SEO, this is just a reply, no self-advertising ;)) but I´m pretty sure that was because the site itself had good and relevant and the right content for the relevant keywords and because of the nature of the business itself. It depends a lot on the site itself though and what keywords you have to target obviously, if you’re a niche business or have loads of competition for your main keywords, I´m sure it´s tough, especially to keep a site there, with constant updates and changes in search algorithms and all. There must be some reason for all the SEO, SEA, SEM and so on. We were just joking a bit. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I have a marketing firm and my clients are always telling me about this or that SEO service they have found and most of the time it is people that have no idea what they are doing. Not saying anything bad about content writers that write for websites but the ones out there offering services that do absolutely nothing.

well, i learnt a lot about SEO from above conversation. No one said wrong.