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SEO Tips to Help You Improve Your Gig Traffic

When talking about SEO it’s all about choosing the ************.

  1. Think about the ** your service.
  2. Use ******* your gig.
  3. ************** the body of your text.
  4. Make sure *************** tags.
  5. Video & *********
    Things to Avoid:
    *[Plagiarized Content like the original version of this post]
    *Using ******* that are not *********


It’s worse than that.

@rajugreenlover Apparently you haven’t been reading the forum even to notice that you CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT COPY here!

Not only is your post a copy of another post on the forum as pointed out above, but before that it was copied by other sellers, reproduced on Facebook, and the <b>original</b> was published by a Fiverr staff member in 2012!!!

Why??? Are you just hoping to have staff ban your account?


Copying and pasting someone else’s work here is like announcing to the community that you can’t be trusted.

It does the opposite of what you intended and makes you look bad.

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well said

Nice tips but please write few tips by himself according to your experience on fiverr.

Write something from your own experience!