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SEO Title is Gig


Recently when i was trying to update my gig i had noticed a new thing in gig which is SEO title.
What is that for and how i use it to improve my gig ?
Anyone tried that out ?


If you want to know what it is, you can simply move your mouse cursor over the “SEO title” label and you’ll see this:

So basically it’s the title that appears in your browser tabs, as well as the title that appears on Google SERPs, so you can think of it as the <title> tag of a website’s page (actually, that’s exactly what it is behind the scenes)


Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I’m curious about this. I’m able to see this option for one or two of my gigs (and was shocked to see that some of those terms landed me on the first page of the Google search result), but not able to see the option for most of my other gigs.

Is there some qualification needed (like 10 sales of the gig) in order to get the ability to add the SEO Title?