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Seo Title Same After Changing I Am Tired Of This Bug My Gig Ranking Down For This

Hello Fiverr Community Members I Hope Everyone Doing Well

I have one gig from 2019 after few days ago i changed everything because i wanna make a new gig on that So i changed everything

the problem is the seo title is showing same even after changing that i almost changed it 200+ times

fiverr shows that the seo title ws changed but in url box its still same

I Also Tested Different browsers like (Google Chrome/Mozilla/Internet Explorer

Anyone help me please

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No matter how many times you edit your gig the SEO title stays the same. If you want a different SEO title you need to make a new gig. It is not a :bug:.


is it good honestly answer please its totally wrong

No, it is not wrong. You can change the SEO title but the URL will always stay. I read that somewhere on the Fiverr site and in the Forum at some time in the past.

Plus, if you have tried it 200 times and it has not worked that is an answer from the Fiverr :robot:s.

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few days ago i saw my gig ranking with the keywords but now its gone and the impression down start

i always sent custom offers thru the gig and my reviews are wasted totally i think

The URL can’t be changed and the title has to bear some resemblance to the URL.

If you want to offer something different you need to create a new gig.

Your reviews will not disappear if you make a new gig and pause this one.

I also edited my one more gig and the url changed successfully thats why i asked for help mate

but if i make new gig the gig will have 0 reviews you know that

You have proof?

Counter proof:

A Gig’s first title generates its URL. This URL is unchangeable, so keep that in mind when you first create your Gig.


I experimented now with one of my gig really its same not changing but how my one gig has new url idk sir

Now The Question Is For The URL My Gig Has Not Showing On Search Result
Because The Title And Url Is Different

And The Gig Ha 15 Reviews If I Delete The Gig And Create A New One The New Gig Will Show 0 Reviews So No One Will Make Order

At a guess? You changed the gig title once before and didn’t notice the URL, then changed it back to what it originally was.

And as previously said, just make a new gig.

Also, what’s with the sudden Caps-lock?


No my first gig was on wordpress security plugin as you can see

so i changed it to a new topic perfex modules

then after 1 day i searched with the keyword perfex modules and my gig shows up

after some day i searched again and i saw that my gig was disappeared

then i check everything again and i saw the gig url

thats it

The Gig Has 15 Reviews If I Delete The Gig And Create A New One The New Gig Will Show 0 Reviews So No One Will Make Order

Also If I make a new gig with same details with little bit changing it will work ?

waiting for your answer


Fiverr does not let sellers change the URL on their gigs with reviews because that is deceitful to the buyers. They mistakenly think you earned the reviews on your new service when you did not. Again, this is not a :bug:. Fiverr planned it that way so sellers do not cheat.


So, you’re trying to cheat. Claim the reviews are for a service different than the one that actually earned them?


Try improving your ranking

No I Am Not Trying To Cheat
I Only have 2-3 old reviews all 13 new reviews i got by proving my services to buyer