SEO Website Audit to improve your website


If you want more people to visit your site, you need to know how to make the website popular and Google-friendly. Today I want to offer an EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE for my clients!

SEO Website Audit is a proven method, which helps you to improve your website by error correction and preparation for the effective website development and further promotion.

This technology really works and includes analyzing the website and developing an individualized step-by-step strategy to promote your website in future.

Based on my SEO Website Audit gig, I can easily tell you how to prepare and optimize your site for getting better results in Google.

Suppose you want to know what SEO Website Audit includes. I divided SEO Website Audit into steps:

STEP 1. I will provide you with the complete information you may require about your website and its statics. This option is included in the basic set of tasks.

STEP 2. FULL ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION is a wonderful option! On the obtained report, I will design an individual step-by-step on-site strategy for you! The strategy focuses on the most important details of URL, including content, keywords, meta, etc. (This option is at additional charge)

STEP 3. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS. I will analyze up to 5 competitors in your niche, their keywords and rankings. I will name their weak spots and strong points. (This option is at additional charge)

STEP 4. KEYWORD RESEARCH. I will select the best up to 50 keywords in your niche. (This option is at additional charge)

STEP 5. CONTENT WRITTEN SERVICES. I will write a unique article. It will include up to 1500 words. (This option is at additional charge)

STEP 6. FULL .XLS/PDF REPORTING. (free option!)

The cost for the gig is just amazing! It’s just $5 for the basic set of options! Look through the costs of additional options here:

The work will be done carefully. All the reports you will receive, when the job will be completed.

Do you have any questions? I am always ready to help you, give some effective piece of advice, analyze your recently created website and express my professional point of view to help you to develop your business.

Don’t be late! Make your dreams come true faster!