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SEO your Fiverr gigs

How do you do your Fiverr Gig SEO:

  1. Title: Give a title that is very minimal and more relevant to the service you are selling.
  2. Tags: Use some tags with the most search results. Research other successful seller’s tags and learn what they are following.
  3. Description: Write a complete description with full details of what service are you providing, why buyers will buy your services, what are you providing extra with your service, what are your specialties and so on. Do not just copy-paste from your past gigs.
  4. FAQ: Add FAQ (Frequently asked questions) in your gig. Research them before you make the gig, add something which is very relevant to your service.
  5. Gig Image SEO: SEO your gig images after you edit them. Use the proper title, tags, decription and other things as well.
  6. Marketing: Share your gigs on other social media platforms to reach out if anyone needs the service you are providing. (Just don’t spam).

So these are some of the basic SEO tips for Fiverr Gigs. Hope it will help you guys. If anyone wants to add more with me, feel free to share your ideas with others.


Thanks for sharing😊

Yes choosing related tags regarding your services is a must…
what I have seen your related tags will be as the search keywords for your gigs!