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SEP 16 - Second Gig with OLD profile - Can You Help?

Hello everyone!

Is there any way to match the Profile with the different gigs we offer?

Or is the first Profile the only choice - which is of course out of sync

with the offer for the second gig?

Thanks for your help



Reply to @kjblynx:

Hi thanks for responding. I have only ONE profile. The question was whether or not it was possible to match our profile to fit the different gigs we may offer.

You answered the question. It is not possible because there is a rule that forbids it.

It would just be more impressive to have the flexibility to update the
profile to MATCH each gig we offer.

Would you buy from someone whose profile targets students
and the GIG description is about unemployed adults?

Hope fiverr reconsiders this. It should be easy enough to do
but adding an EDIT button to the Profile and have the profile
match the description of the new gig.

Take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks much.