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SEP 7 2015 How to Add Voice Over to GIG (MP3 format)

Can anyone tell me how to add a voice over to my gig?

I just bought one from a Fiverr vendor which really

makes my gig come alive.

Each attempt has been blocked by Fiverr format

when I attempt to add to content.

MP3 o 17 seconds would fit perfectly into the

beginning of the description box of the gig.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks Whitesandybeach

Make a video and add the voice over there. This is the only way.
*Make sure that the video content have "This gig is offering exclusive on fiverr"

Thank you so much for your help!

Shouldn’t we have the flexibility to simply embed an MP3 link in
the content section of our description? (No answer required)

Now I will look for a video consultant.
Grateful for your help