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Separation of services?

I have quite a few services listed on 1 gig. I am wondering if I should separate them in to many gigs or not. I was thinking that having them all on 1 gig would be easier for Buyers to see them.

The gigs listed are:

“Voice overs
Audio blogs
Audio books
Voice for tutorials
DJ drops
Trailers (movie, game, etc.)
Radio (intro’s, jingles, etc.)
and a wide variety of other services!”

What are your thoughts? Idea’s? Suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn’t. I think too many gigs with very closely related content can harm you more than it can help.
Someone on the forum had great advice about this very subject, but I can’t remember who or where. Take a look for this topic and you’ll see a bunch of great tips about multiple gigs.
I took a look at your gig and I think it looks fine, although I think your prices are on the high end, but that’s just my opinion. I think if you restructured your pricing you might have some more success with the gig you have, again, my opinion. I believe people are automatically drawn to the “starting at $5” thing, so people see a new seller with a starting rate of $20, they might be turned off that those two factors alone and not even bother taking a look at your gig.
I started in may and it took about a month and a half of price and gig description tweaking to start getting orders. I’m still working out the perfect formula for my gig, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think, if you have any ideas or suggestions. My next tweak will be adding an FAQ.

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Thanks for the feedback on the gig, @jcrounsevo!

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I think it’s a good idea to split this one into different gigs. The way it is now you are more prone to buyers who want to take advantage of you and scammers. For example: when you deliver they could try to cancel the order by stating that you didn’t deliver what they asked for. A VO instead of a audio blog etc. Scammers are very creative these days.
When it comes to prices, I disagree with low pricing. It keeps scammers and tire kickers on a distance.

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Thanks for the advice! I will keep it in to consideration.