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September 2018 Review - A Bad Month. Hopefully Oct is better

Good Morning,

As we are approaching end of Sept 2018. This is the review of what I did and didn’t do.

September has been a slow month - been one of the worst performing month. It was something that gave me time to think as to what I need to do and how I need to place myself with regards to Fiverr and what I need to do to move forward.

It reminds of famous words of Jack Ma: Repair your roof in Sunshine. - On the hind side I know how valuable this statement hold for me today.

September Performance:

PS: The Cancellation was NOT my fault. (This is BAD! Some ordered Just to Cancel!) :: Already discussed it on here in the forum.

When I break it down, I have got orders only for Landing pages. None of my other gigs have performed or got new orders.

Which is what made me think, I need to get push for more sales via different offerings. Hence, I am now setting up new gig for Sales Funnel or even giving combo offers to people Landing Pages + FB Ads.

If I can grow my offering to a getting my clients being more sticky with me - making them repeat sales, is what I feel will help me to grow my Fiverr Business.

I am looking to focus on Higher Ticket Sales like WordPress Websites now the problem here is that the ranking is absolutely bad. I get about on 400 impressions in a month.

This kind of impressions are will NOT help to to generate the sales I want. Hence will need to look into as to how I can increase my impressions. I have tried to to FB Boost Post via my FB Page, but I am not able to increase the Gig Views. If this works, I hope to get in more sales for the same.

Plans for October is to focus on High Ticket Sales and doing multiple sales of gigs per client. I am planning to run a few FB Boost Post Ads to see how it will work or even FB CPC campaign. So, I can to keep my fingers crossed.

I am looking for your feedback and ideas as to how I can improve my sales in October.


Ya Sept is really Slow Month for me also.Infect i just got 1 order and that’s also very small amount of order.

Thanks For giving Tips how to push sales.

I moved your post into My Fiverr Gigs category since it contains gig links.

If that was the case, I can edit and remove the link. But I am not sure having it in Fiverr Gigs category will get the right response to my post.

Sure! Then you can remove the links and move the post back in The Ranting Pot. :wink:

Done! I have removed the links

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