September is my BEST month yet!


Dont know why but… this month is my best month in sales yet!:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:
Wow! Everything is going great with my gigs! And the sun is even still shining outside (here in the Netherlands):ok_hand:t4:

Is it just me or is September a good month for everybody? I hope it is!

Keep up the hard work guys :sunglasses::hugs:


Yes it is better for me too. but last month is the best month in my entire fiverr life :slight_smile: it was 3X more sales than the any other months :slight_smile:


Wow! 3x times more! You’re doing great :sunglasses:


I am upset. not getting sales.:disappointed_relieved:


Same here but we still have to be hard working:muscle:


You’re doing very well! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Confused do not know if that was for me but if it is thank you :wink:


Congratulations OP! Hope the coming months bring in even more sales than this month for you.

This is my first day here, so I can’t say.

Sure, I will work hard.

Thanks for sharing this. Your post really motivated a new seller like me. I was a little discouraged after reading a couple of posts here describing that the sales here on Fiverr have gone down.


Nope, August was the best for me. Since I reached level 2, my sales have dropped. I don’t know if it’s because there’s more competition, or the fact that Fiverr doesn’t give you as much exposure at level 2.


yes August was the best month for me, September is going not good.


I hear that alot, that after gaining level 2 the sales drop… very strange!


First day?! Then you can only go up from here! :blush::blush: Welcome!


that’s for @madebyabby but congrats to you too ha.


Yes, got my first order after only about 12 hours of joining, feeling very excited. Thanks @madebyabby


Wow u really are lucky:grinning:


thank you!!:blush::blush::blush:


Dont Be Upset Bro Just Wait For Your Turn <3