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September with an impressive Boost!


Few days and we are in September, why not starting it with an impressive Boost?

  1. Check your profile. Find all the best words to explain your profile and use them as tags.
  2. Describe you in the best way you can. Means honestly, humbly but at the same time giving info on your top skills and successes in your career. You don’t have to be ashamed of your successes!
  3. Study again your working procedures. You have to find the best procedure to be efficient, fast and deliver the perfect work.
  4. Promote your GIGs with friends. You can’t imagine how much powerful is word of mouth with your friends. They will help you.
  5. Create new GIGs! Why not. Check again your skills. If you know a job, showcase your talent!

Good luck to anyone for an impressive September with a great Boost!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I’m sure my friends cannot order my gigs. They might not BE interested. Instead I will try where my target buyers are.


Most of the time, friends are not the best bet, They may not order your gig. Fiverr has a worldwide audience so the best bet is to find out how to reach that audience.


friends can share, and friends of friends can share more. Think about it :wink: word of mouth is very important


I have friends who are interested to buy my service but they usually contact directly through FB or other social media sites.
I don’t know how to tell them to sign up here in fiverr and then open my gig page and then order. :nerd_face:
Would that be weird?


You are right on that.
They will definitely share it.
Thanks for that power packed information.


thanks for ur information


You welcome.
I wish you the best


Thanks for providing such a beneficial content


Coool, will try that


Thank you, I have only 6 Gig. I will create one more Gig …


Amen to that brother!


If they give you glowing reviews, it can be seen as review manipulation.


Really!! Did you get any order from your friends?


That’s the fastest way to lose friends. Word of mouth comes from clients who like your work, it can’t come from friends because they don’t know your work, and your friends are not going to risk their reputations by recommending someone they don’t know. Friends may like you as a person, but they haven’t ordered from you, so they don’t know you as a worker.


yes i agree with you :+1:


customers can become friends and viceversa. I play tennis with my customers or GO with asian ones. I am in the music industry since 1999. I’m telling this because I’ve got facts to prove this, years and years of professional activity.