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[Serious bug] My buyers are able to download Non Watermarked designs


Im a graphics designer and i have noticed the those buyers who download the designs using mobile apps are able to download the original design. I mean there is no fiverr watermark.

It is a serious issue. please fiverr look into it.

Im not sure if this is happening with website also.

Usually FIverr puts a watermark on our designs to protect us graphics designers.

But its not working. and one of my buyer also told that she was able to download it without watermark.

Please have a look.


Yes, if they download from mobile phone, fiverr add watermark on png and jpeg files. Tell your buyers to download from web.


I mean to say that if people download form mobile app they can download it without watermark. and after downloading they cancel the order. They take the design with no watermark on it even before the order is marked as complete.

In web its working fine i guess.

but buyers can easily download the final work and not mark the order as complete and then ask for refund.