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[SERIOUS] Buyer isn't responding and hasn't given me enough info

Someone has ordered from me an illustration gig, which is awesome! However, the buyer didn’t respond to my message telling him that he didn’t give me enough info to even start until about 12 HOURS into the order. Then he gave me the wrong info AGAIN, then I replied kindly asking him to give me the right info so I can keep on going, and now he did, BUT it took him 5 hours to respond, and now (after only completing some of the linework) I only have 4 minutes left until late delivery!

What do I do? I’m new to Fiverr as a whole and am very worried that it will be auto-marked as a 1-star review!

Thanks in advance, Joel. <3


Also to add to this, I did ask for an extended delivery but he isn’t responding.

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Did he submit the buyer requirements?


Yes but he didn’t say a word and just sent me a random screenshot of half of a head.


Hate to say it, but you’ll probably have to cancel.

Contact Fiverr support and state that the buyer never provided the requirements necessary for you to fulfil the order. Ask they cancel without affecting your stats. (It still might, but as it is, a cancellation is better than risking an automatic one-star.)


Alright, welp. I guess it is what it is, thank you for the help! <3

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I know this is probably a stupid question but, how does one contact fiverr support?

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why the sellers always has to face the loss of undone sin? cancellation is not just loosing one order. it comes with multiple other side effects :frowning:


@skilledscripter Either:

Short answer: Fiverr’s platform, Fiverr’s rules.
Longer answer: the system in place now is due to the cancellation option being abused by some sellers to avoid getting bad ratings, as cancellations (at that time) didn’t carry as bad a penalty. So, now it’s a case of ‘pick your poison’. And there is a LOT of debate on which is worse for a seller (bad review but get paid, or cancellation but drop in stats).


Awesome thank you very much!

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Hello everyone, I really need backup here because now the order is over 4 nearly 5 hours late. What do I do? Fiverr CS won’t help me at all (they’re not responding) plus, I’ve already asked for a mutual cancelation .

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For some weird unknown reason, my timer has gone from that “LATE” text to freezing at 19:12:21. Why is that?


Ok the problem has been solved, he finally got back to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

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You best leave them a bad review. Buyers deserve to get bad reviews for being jerks like that. You review the buyer after they review you, so you have full rights to thier review.

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@imagination7413 As a new seller, I am learning a lot from top rated sellers.Thanks

@imagination7413 what are the side effects of cancelling an order for as such circumstances ?

@skilledscripter nice to know that you are back on track.

I avoid giving buyers bad reviews, even if it’s deserved, because they might want revenge if they haven’t yet left their secret review (the one the seller doesn’t see, but which matters a lot apparently)


There really is no set right or wrong answer, as it can depend on the size of the order, how much work was put in, how well-defined the terms of the contract or gig were written, how the buyer has behaved throughout the interaction in terms of communication and/or if there are threats involved, and how much a Seller is willing to risk. Please see:

. Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers
. Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller

That’s getting a bit off-topic for this thread, so here are some other threads that have discuss and debate this.

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You can only leave a buyer a review if they review you first.