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Serious Fiverr Review for all new sellers before leaving any other freelancing

Well Hello Everyone,

I have been working on fiverr since past few years and here is what i have seen so far while working on fiverr. This experience is based on 100% reality and not a story so if you are new on fiverr and started to struggle to get some clients here while you have other freelancing websites account also then DO NOT STOP WORKING WITH THEM if you get few extra clients on fiverr after your good struggles. Why?

Here are the reasons not to stop working with other freelancers and NEVER expect fiverr to be full time freelancing sites like others.
1: Fiverr Staff can ban you any moment and you cannot get unabnned. (Not happened to me yet but this happens)
2: Fiverr staff will remove your even 2 or 3 years old gig without any notification they do not care if you have 200+ reviews on that gig they will just shut it down.
3: If your gig ranks on top and you are getting good orders after sometimes Fiverr will drop your gig by doing anything like Deny your gig and then Reactivate on your request or remove your gig and will ask you to create new gig for the same service.
4: If your top search gig disappeared from search results even it is active and before it was in top results Fiverr support will tell you we cannot help you and we do not have support for this type of gigs even they allowed you to run it and gig is still active.
5: If you are right and fiverr support removed your gig or de-ranked it from search results after few tickets they will put is delay list and will not reply you so fast like they do to others.
6: Sometimes they will activate your gig after reviewing it and then remove it again and they will stop replying you even for months. DO NOT TRUST ME? Here is Proof:

If the above provided screenshot you can see how they started to ignore me even today i have sent them message again and from past 2 months i am waiting for their reply. This issue have been created by fiverr since past 3 months and i am still waiting because i am right.

They closed my most popular gigs just because they want others to come up with same service in search results and this will not happen to only 1 or 2 this will happen to each and every seller once fiverr thought you have been making good money and getting good reviews and you have worked with enough people they will trash you to a bin and will rank others and once they find out same situation about you then you will face this as anyone else did.

The above state is true just because i am saying? NO i know 4 other sellers on fiverr whom i know and they have been facing these issues also.

So i am not saying never start working on fiverr NO start working on fiverr but DO NOT IGNORE OTHER FREELANCING SERVICES for fiverr because you will regret this no matter how good your gig is this will come to you.

In my account fiverr removed my 2 best selling gigs without any reason and the reason they found to tell me after 2 years of sales of those gigs is (Our review staff have decided to remove them) Why? they don’t know as review staff is some other people and they are not on support so you will have an unsatisfactory answer from support and after that support will disappear.

I have spent 2+ Years on fiverr to compete market and keep my rankings good enough to gain more client and always followed the rules. No doubt fiverr is not it is good to give a start in freelancing and to get experience about freelance market but fiverr is not forever like other many Good freelancing sites.

Before i was getting even 20 sales in one day but now some times it is 1 sales or even 0 so 90% drop in sales without any reason? and not for 1 or 2 months once fiverr deactivated your gig or removed your gig and then it gets activated or even if you have created same gig again you will never get boosted to the top again no matter what ever you will do.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask but this review is based on personal experience of not 1 but 5 freelancers and this review is posted after 2 years of persoanl experience so if you think i am telling you a wrong story about fiverr then use search on fiverr forum and read issues with peoples and you will have your answers.

Thank you fiverr for your great time and great customers and i will still keep working with you but you will also regret your mistakes one day. Maybe you will not get shutdown but you will sell fiverr to another company and until this won’t happen nothing will change because if fiverr get’s sold to any other company then maybe they will implement better rules and support.

I do not know your problem.

I just thought, fiverr also need protection against the seller.

As the story you are looking at the top

Fiverr give priority to buyers not sellers.

Now why did you blur out your message near the bottom that clearly says something about How your gigs are LEGAL, LEGIT and UNIQUE? I can about semi-make out the rest of it, but it seems like an extended whine.

Well, I think that you really need to inject some more balance into your argument. I had my ranking reduced to level one but had that corrected withing 24 hours. As for gigs being denied or removed from search results, my gigs move all the time, the key is to keep updating them. Moreover, gigs are only removed by Fiverr if they can be interpreted as offering undesirable services such as fake reviews, traffic or backlinks. My guess is that your problem gigs fell into one of these categories?

It’s basically complaining about his service being removed (Think it’s PHP security), say something isn’t his responsibility and then saying if they cannot be activated back in search he wants his fiverr account removed and will see on a competing site (for which he gives the URL). I’m guessing he blurred it because sharing the URL would have been a violation of forum rules.

How about now? if you need idea’s for best selling gigs then here you go steal it lol

I never said i never had support from fiverr but they stopped when they found them self doing a mistake and instead of providing details they stopped replying and the denied gigs were activated once again and they were denied again after 24 hours even they do not have a bad reviews. How does this sounds to you? and what about the screenshot proof i have sent that they did not replied to me since past 2 months and ticket status is still open?

Reason they told me was fraud and spam will you please explain as a fellow what exactly is fraudulent in a gig which is about a security script installation for a website? and providing proxies for seo or any other tools which are also being sold me many others.

Only problem why gig got mostly orders was i was offering unlimited instead of few numbers.

Now i hope you will get the picture clearly.

point no 1 is absolutely correct. My well running account was banned by fiverr. i was earning 500$ + monthly and suddenly i earn nothing. From last 6 months i am struggling with fiverr.
They said i have multiple accounts that’s why they banned but be honest why i create multiple account when my one account earning is 500 + and i have no time to take more orders.
I think fiverr should give respect to seller atleast they listen from seller first, then ban the account. It takes me two years and all of sudden my all hard work finished

So…you created multiple accounts. Pretty clear here, not much else to listen to, especially with your reasoning that you had “no time to take more orders”… mmm?

I’m new to Fiverr; and I have to say this is pretty interesting! I’ve read the comments and the article but fail to understand why a company would perform such practices. I’ll be honest here, I looked at a lot of profiles/GIGs and took some best practices from what I found to be best. I hope the banning issue is not something I run into, if so I will use my own business to get work.

However, in essence of this article I agree with not just relying on Fiverr as the only source of work or income. As for Fiverr and the accusation of banning, I think they need thorough processes in place before banning a gig; perhaps alerting the seller of the intention to ban if not contacted within a certain amount of hours or days. Just a suggestion. Sounds like there needs to be a small overhaul of their business strategies.

As for sellers, if you’re not happy with the way banning or other processes are handled; and there isn’t any fault of your own, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ( and hopefully this will get the attention of the corporate executives of Fiverr and changes will be made.