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Serious issue

Hi, I am level 2 seller from past 6 months. I was doing great work and earning a good amount on fiverr. (Thanks fiverr)

But from last 7 days I am not getting a single new message and orders.

I think there is serious issue in my account.

Before this issue, I received many messages and as well as order. But now nothing.

I also submit ticket to fiverr support. But still not received there reply.

I want to know is there any bug in the fiverr and also others facing this problem.



Hi Hassan… i think is being terrible for some of us. This June is the worse with difference. No orders and minimum or none messages. :frowning:

The system is working fine. New order and new inquiries is down some, but I have a lot of repeat customers. I think there is constantly more sellers getting in the system and buyer trends are probably change. These weeks are also a lazier time in the states.

For me, it seems to take about 100 deliveries on a single gig to really get it off the ground. This usually gets you about 60 reviews.

I would revisit your offers and evaluate your competition regularly. Some of my best gig offers were not conceived until well into my second year on Fiverr.

I noticed your website gigs are very general. You could test some simple one problem, one solution gigs?

You also may want to look for items that are selling well and have less competition. You may work into something that works better than you ever dreamed.

Hi dear friends

Im new in fiverr,I;ve an issue that when I send offer in buyer request page ,the buyer summary isnt displaying ,I want to see their requirement and other detail ,so you all friends are requested please comment on this issue or guide me.

regards to all friends

I am also having difficulties in getting sales 1order I completed so far for the month of June