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Serious pitfalls on Fiverr

Dear sellers,

We would like to talk and vent about something very serious regarding all of you sellers out there.
Whether you are a beginner or a top rated seller on Fiverr, this is concerning all of you.

Please stick to the end to understand the situation.

To give you a short introduction about us, we are a team specialized in music production.
We started our journey on Fiverr since 2019 and since last year we are now a level two seller.

Since the beginning everything went pretty well. Like many of you here it took us a lot of time and investment to get where we are now.

Now the serious problem starts.
A client ordered a gig without communicating us beforehand, yet he provided us instructions on what he needed (we had to create a song). We of course did not refuse his request as it was in our field, we followed his instructions carefully and we were able to do the job properly without any issues with multiple conversations in between to update the seller on the progress of the work while asking any questions we had.
The delivery was marked complete, we got 5 stars and a great review where the seller was super happy about the outcome.

Sadly and surprisingly, earlier this week, we experimented our very first cancellation which will potentially our level soon.
That same seller re-contacted us after a while and said that we copied another song he knew.
We were very surprised therefore we went to listen to that song he linked to us.
We indeed noticed multiple similarities which were purely a coincidence but this is a common thing in the music industry.
Of course we were and we are still confident that he was totally wrong and there are no copyright infringement because we made the song from scratch, we hired a singer, we wrote the lyrics of the song, the melody was different last but not least we also delivered the source files to him.

Because such issues never happened to any of our buyers since we got started, we proposed to the buyer to rework on his music for free and he agreed.
Unfortunately, few hours after our conversation he cancelled the gig and we did not get any response from him anymore.

Therefore, not only we did not get the money, we invested money in his song and he simply got the song with all its source files: For free + of course his money back.

The most frustrating part for us is not entirely the fact that we lost the money but that Fiverr just cancelled the order without any prior conversation with us on an order which was already marked complete.

Our point is that Fiverr needs to contact us before taking such actions instead of cancelling a completed gig just because a happy seller asked for it.
Can we do anything about that ? Nothing at this time.
A seller can cancel a completed gig without our consent - Terrible yes.

As sellers on Fiverr we need to:

  • Deserve our rights
  • Ask for a better balance between sellers vs buyers
  • Protect ourselves from such buyers/scammers because at this time we do not have any security in that regards.

We heard some similar stories before but now it is enough. It is time to change.
If you are with us on this and if this story is concerning some of you, let’s make a list of all the things you would like to have down below as a seller in order to protect yourself more, to not let anybody scam you and your work, to respect you as much as Fiverr do for buyers.

Once this list will have its strength, we will send it to Fiverr directly and we might even sign a petition if no actions are taken.

We hope this is for all of you sellers, not just us. We alone cannot fight but together we can change everything !

All the best,

  • Swodio

Maybe there’s software or a website that could check for similarities so you’d know before delivery if some of it might be too similar to an existing song (or that a buyer might think that). You could check with CS for the reason for the cancellation. Maybe if you can prove to CS that there was no issue with the 2nd delivery that they might restore the order amount to your account.


Maybe, out of context, but have you heard about the new lawsuit against Taylor?

Even if you created it from scratch and without ever listening to the ‘original’ song, there’s still a copyright that belongs to someone else. The buyer, in this case, will not be able to use the delivery and may have to face consequences that are far-far-far worse than the cancellation.

I’m sorry. But it’s just how the copyright laws are written.

If you really think that it is safe to use the song, you can try this …

  1. Make sure the buyer is not using the song anymore
  2. Publish it on your channels or use it like a sample or both

If I’m not wrong, then I think, it says somewhere in the ToS that delivering copyrighted work can get you banned. If I were you, I wouldn’t make too much noise about it really.

Don’t let a single cancellation get you though. Your level two badge returns as soon as the cancellation slides out of the 60 day evaluation period. And you probably still have the 5 star review.

Keep up the great work.


This happened to me exactly as you stated.

But what also needs to happen is a complete reform of the CS team. It is as if they do not care about their sellers at all. My tickets are often closed and marked as “solved” with no response, and this is just getting out of hand. It should not be fair that buyers control the order. They can threaten a negative review or a cancellation at any time. For example, one of my buyers was asking for things specifically not included in the custom order. I refused his requests, so he left a negative review due to the fact that I did not add any extras or additional items for no additional charge. Fiverr then decided that his review would not be deleted, because it was fair and just.

Buyers have too much power over sellers. Cancellations and negative reviews significantly hurt the performance in search results, and thus I, and probably many others, feel pressured to do a lot more than what the gig actually includes.

Cancellations should also not have any negative affect on sellers. Many buyers order without properly checking the gig description, or just say that “they fixed it by myself”.

Buyers can also get a full cancellation from CS, because CS obviously does not wish to get into any arguments with buyers. Sellers can easily be replaced, it will just be more work for other sellers. Buyers can not, so Fiverr wants to keep them. This mentality from Fiverr, or more specifically the Customer Service department, should not be followed, yet it is, and I believe that it will be difficult to change that without a lot of sellers.

Things do need to change, but I doubt that this would be the route on the forums.

I hope this helps,