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Serious Problem.. Order delay!


Hey, i’m facing a problem that don’t know how to solve.

I’m trying to Keep my orders to be dlivered in time.

Sometimes i make a Gig with 5 revision, then i deliver within the estimated time, Then he buyer asks for a revision " The counter continue again " … After delivering it. Sometimes buyers take around 2 days to respond asking for another revision …

Then i find my order is late…!

I don’t know how to solve it ?
I think it’s not my problem…

I mean it’s the buyer who asks for revisions and takes time for it ?

how can i solve it ?


Just don’t offer 5 revisions. If you communicate beforehand all the details with your buyer it won’t be necessary.


As long as the initial delivery is on time it doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t affect your stats.


Yes, It won’t affect as long as your first delivery was done in time. I have experienced this before and it never affected my stats even when the buyer requested a revision after 2days.


Oh, Great.
Thanks Guys for explaining


You are more than welcome