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Serious Problem with a Buyer

I can’t believe this happened. A buyer wanted me to give him my extras for free. He ordered the gig but then didn’t want what the gig was. He only wanted the extras. He said he didn’t have the money for the extra. I just gave him the gig. Then he gave me an awful rating and out of 19 ratings only two were bad. His and one other guys. But it was enough for Fiverr to remove my extras. This seems messed up. What can I do? All my other ratings were glowing. 17 out of 19 and the last one was bogus.

Same thing just happened to me last week.

CS didn’t do anything, and told me that his feedback was ‘relevant’, despite it, you know, actually being the -opposite- of relevant, since it had zero to do with what he actually ordered and all to do with the fact that he didn’t get the extras for free.

This also killed the extras on my gig and whatnot as well, and caused me a huge hassle.

I was forced to offer the guy a refund, which he accepted, which removed his feedback, but yeah, he essentially got my basic gig for free.

Thanks for the advice. I’m in the process of getting customer support. Hopefully they are helpful but it sounds like they don’t want to bother much with our legit concerns. If this is the case, I will just remove the gig and take it to a competitor. I shouldn’t have my extra’s removed and my rating affected because one guy was too cheap to pay for what was clearly stated in the extras.

Hi,this is bad and happened to me a lot of times. I hated it but sometimes you win and sometimes you lose… What I do this I do everything they want just to get through the experience with my 100% still intact… Give them whatever as there will be better clients next time. Take the pressure this time and you are rewarded with experience. So, you still win eh! :slight_smile:

Reply to @viser1000: I get the hype of needing to keep a high rating percentage, but doing that sort of caving in to a buyer just feels like a blow to my dignity, you know?

peridotdotdot said: I get the hype of needing to keep a high rating percentage, but doing that sort of caving in to a buyer just feels like a blow to my dignity, you know?

This is not the place for dignity, or pride. Best of luck in the future.

Reply to @itsyourthing:


If you can’t keep your dignity intact, then you shouldn’t be doing business at all.

People will constantly try to take advantage. I think there needs to be a balance. Use your judgement, and don’t cave too easily. Try to use your negotiation and professionalism skills. If you can’t stand up for yourself and do proper business on a site like Fiverr, then there’s no hope. If you’re expecting Fiverr support to mediate for you, you’re hopes are far too high for this site.

And think about it like this. It’s good experience to get buyers like that because, like it or not, that’s the real world and, if you’re going to be an independent contractor or a salesperson then you have to learn to deal with them.

Sometimes, unfortunately, you’ll have to give in, but not always. Fight for what you believe is right. That way, if you do have to give in, at least you still have your pride and you know you at least gave it your best shot.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I calls 'em like I sees em. :wink:

rachh8283 said: If you can't keep your dignity intact, then you shouldn't be doing business at all.

The best way to do that here is to make the conscious decision as to whether you will do "whatever it takes" to please buyers or if you are willing to spend a great deal of time communicating with (and waiting for communications from) Customer Support.

The only way to be happy and have a chance of success here is to know exactly what this place is and how it operates, make your decisions and OWN your actions, regardless of which direction you take. Oh, and definitely have a thick skin; no matter how perfectly you play your part, you will get bitten on occasion. You can't always change circumstances, only your reactions to them. ;)

@itsyourthing… exactly right. I think that pretty much goes for any site out there nowadays. You have to “know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.” Sales is a tough business, but worth it if you can figure out how to deal with people. Even on sites like this, there is so much you can learn from the interactions while earning some income in the process.

However, I have learned one thing over the last few weeks… Fiverr is definitely the breeding ground for some pretty terrible buyers. Every time I get a new buyer, I feel like I should stretch or something before getting into the ring.

rachh8283 said: However, I have learned one thing over the last few weeks... Fiverr is definitely the breeding ground for some pretty terrible buyers. Every time I get a new buyer, I feel like I should stretch or something before getting into the ring.

Warming up beforehand is definitely a good idea, 'cause you know you're gonna need to cool down afterward! :)

Reply to @rachh8283: I am sorry, but selling yourself for basically nothing has nothing to do with proper business!! It should not be possible for buyers to take advantage like this.

In every usual business, I’d show this type of buyers the door. My services come at a price. Whoever isn’t happy with that can go somewhere else. No business ever survived by selling too cheaply.

NO you don’t still win! You give in to an unreasonable buyer and HE wins! You are an artist, you provide something they can’t. That’s why they come to you in the first place. If they could do what we can they would. But they can’t. The more artists give in to clients, the more they think they are entitled to have. I had a buyer give me a luke warm review because I had the nerve to charge full price on a full job done AS ADVERTIZED and not the $5 for my basic job! And what some buyers need to get through their thick heads is it takes effort to do what we do. If I draw something for a buyer and their not happy I will rework with in reason but in the end if I feel I have exceeded the amount paid THAT’S IT! They want more, they PAY more! Here’s some food for though. Check out this youtube vid by Steven Silver. He’s the biggest advocate of artists getting paid what we’re worth.

Letting buyers treat you like crap hurts ALL of us! And remember this, when Disney animator Eric Goldberg asked Chuck Jones why he got such hassle from the exec’s from Warner Bros, he said " Because they hate the fact that we can draw and they can’t!"

Reply to @itsyourthing: What?! I don’t know what entrepreneurship means to you, but the serious business owners and freelancers all take a lot of pride in their work and carry themselves with dignity.

“This is not the place for dignity or pride” sounds like the slogan hung above the door of a human/sex trafficking business.

Reply to @rachh8283: I agree 99%. The only thing I differ in opinions with is the real world comparison. In the real world, if you own your own business (I’m Co-Owner of my family’s construction company), you don’t have a site like Fiverr telling you what you have to accept. For instance, our construction company has a great reputation and a loyal customer base. We got that by doing right by our customers who deserve it. If a customer asked us to renovate their kitchen and we followed their request exactly as they required but at the end they said nevermind I’m canceling and I won’t pay you. We would take them to court and strip all the work we did from them.

If we are doing the work on Fiverr, we should likewise have a say in how we handle disputes because that is real world.

Reply to @missashley8705: I agree 100%. Any court would side with the seller when the job was carried out according to customer demands. Hence, it should be possible to have an accept/reject option for sellers to have more control over which jobs they accept. Furthermore, as most of the orders are well-documented, it should be possible to dispute cancellations + ban buyers if they demand a certain number of cancellations without any viable reason.

Reply to @miyachina: Absolutely! People always talk about the real world but I guarantee that in the real world no self respecting business owner would ever tolerate the crap some buyers give out.

Reply to @itsyourthing: On the contrary, you need to reinforce your value every time you have a chance to. If you can’t support your value, then you will never stop discounting and giving your work away. This is a marketplace, where people expect to buy good-quality work. It may have hurt my ratings a little, but I’ve cancelled a couple orders when the buyers were being unreasonable.