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Serious Problem with a Client

Good evening to all, I would like to tell you my story to ask you for a hand:

I think a client of mine is trying to cancel an order so as not to pay me, after 15 days of work for him.
It’s 132-page comic book lettering.
Throughout the work, we had agreed that, I would send him the pages every 50, so that he could tie in and look for mistakes while I worked the others, so that I could speed up the timing. He never replied, for 12 days he didn’t make himself heard during which I worked and finished all the pages. After 12 days he asks me time to correct them, I give it to him, but another 3 days are about to pass and time is running out and he does not make himself heard. he only does it just before they end and he asks me more time, we opt for 3 more days, I give them to him, but he doesn’t make himself heard even for these 3 days. By now the time is running out, annoyed I hand over the job and I tell him kindly that I am forced to do it but that I am available to modify them for free even after the delivery to make him happy. He does not make himself heard, now in delivery for two days is about to pass the third, he opens a request for review. It is now 2 in the morning here and I don’t know why the platform only gives me 3 hours to do it and despite this he does not send me the corrections either so i can’t make any corrections. He clearly does not intend to give me the opportunity to deliver and pay me.
I demand my payment.
I worked for 15 days, having to refuse other jobs is also enormous economic damage.
What should I do?
isn’t there a way to protect me?

Ask for an extension now. As long an extension as possible.

Use that time to get in contact with CS, explain the situation to them and clearly state a) you think he just doesn’t want to pay and b) that you don’t want to cancel.

If you’ve done all the revisions included in the gig, explain that politely and remind the client that all further revisions must be paid for.

Don’t worry about this. As long as the original delivery was within the agreed deadline the order won’t be marked as late if the countdown runs out for revisions (you can ignore the late sign)

Tell them that this is considered misuse/abuse of the revision button to use it in order to get more time. If they continue the behavior you can then report then for that.

For future reference be very careful when offering that to a client, but if you feel the need to do so always add an expire date and number of revisions.


Thanks a lot for the answer. Unfortunately he doesn’t respond in any way, he only canceled my delivery by asking for a review, but then he didn’t tell me what I should review of the job, so now I don’t know how to behave. If I asked him more time I simply think he wouldn’t answer.

Are you sure about the weather? unfortunately I have always used the revisions badly (they have just been on the site) and I believed that they were a tacit agreement between the users, not a real feature, so I already made the revisions unofficially, then I delivered within the time limit but now he has asked for a review when the delivery had expired yesterday, he waited two days after the delivery to write.
Are you sure this won’t allow him to cancel your order if I don’t review in these 3 hours?

*weather. obviously I meant time, sorry, I use the auto-corrector in another language

Yes, as of now, as long as the original delivery was within the deadline then revisions don’t count towards late orders, at least not officially. I cannot tell for sure that this won’t affect internal metrics.

He won’t be able to cancel the order now unless he goes to Customer Support or if he sends you a cancellation request and you accept it, but the “3 hours” don’t factor into this.

Again: If he sends revision requests without having an actual revision, just resend the work and let them know that this is considered a misuse of that feature and they should no longer do it.