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[ SERIOUS QUESTION] Want to change the title of my gig

Hello, I wanted to change the title of my gig, does it have any negative effect since the URL of the gig remains the same.

Thank you.

No, it doesn’t. If you change your gig title, your gig URL remains the same. Some people use this trick for SEO optimization.

Does url have any influence on views or seo ?

I read an article on fiverr academy that affirmed that. For example, the standard gig title starts with 'I will create/produce/draw… Etc"

To optimise the title, first create the gig title without the use of words like “create draw produce” e.g “I will 3d logo in 24 hours”. This gives you a unique URL that can feature easily in search results when someone searches for something related to logo design.

After creating the gig, you can then go back to edit your gig title and make it grammatically correct and this doesn’t affect the already created gig URL.

Thank you so much …

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