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Seriously....a quick rant


If we are not allowed to have the most basic conversation about things that we care about, such as politics and current affairs, without being shut down by the moderators/admin/ambassadors, I have nothing to say. I said the most harmless thing about the next US President winning a major step in the election process last night and was accused of starting a forum war. No! I have no intention of starting a forum war, I just said something that was on top of my mind, which is the #1 story covered on all news channels and news based websites right now. I really have no interest in work related or Fiverr related threads on Fiverr forum. I work 12-14 hours a day on Fiverr, last thing I want is to talk about work here on the forum. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I hope this ban on politics is lifted. I can talk about football and cricket (which nobody else cares about) or about politics (which is banned). So I guess I have nothing to talk about here. Long rant, sorry about that.


There is no ban on politics at all. But the context on which you subtly dropped it into conversation was to shift the thread off topic by mentioning such a polarising issue. I personally have read in the background how these conflicting threads escalate out of control, If you’re not happy reach out to me, I’m reasonable, I like to talk about politics, I’m a member of a political party here in the UK.

Let’s keep it civil, Have a great day @writer99025 :relaxed:


Great day to you too :slight_smile:


Any mention of the political arena, in the U.S. at least, is likely to quickly become a tension filled or argumentative mine field. Discussions like this might lead to arguments even when we start out just meaning to have a friendly chat.

I think it’s wise to not discuss politics here so we can have a more relaxing place to chat and ask questions.