Fiverr Community Forum Buyer up to No Good?

After nearly six hours of work on a beast of a rewrite, the buyer claims the work was poor. Now, hold on, I know it’s possible, but…

Perfect grammar
Rewritten to 100% Copyscape, including changing the order of the categories
Removal and recasting all links so they cannot be traced back to the original piece in any way, shape or form
Removing all identifying snippets in the piece so, again, it cannot be traced back
The piece reads smoothly and flows beautifully, the same light-hearted tone as the original

I received a notification that he opened a dispute because “the quality of the work was poor.” He never specified about what, exactly, he was displeased. He simply requested a cancellation because “he’s been in the business a long time and knows I will be unable to provide him with quality work.” The feel of the dispute was odd, not personalized at all. I would expect “piece was too short” “poor grammar” or something.

Now hold on, hold on…I’m not so egotistical that I believe it’s impossible for someone to dislike my work, but this is the first buyer cancellation that I’ve ever had. Wait, maybe one a few years back?

It would be super easy for this guy to use the piece anyway, wouldn’t it?

I cancelled, obviously, and will farm the piece out to someone else to use. If he ends up using it after I do, though, who answers to the legality of it?

Talk me off the ledge, Fiverr friends!!!

I had a weird feeling when I started this monster of a piece that he would be a pain. It’s all I can do to just let the cancellation ride, but now he’s brought my completion rate down. You may or may not know, it was already down because of the number of students I had asking me to do their papers, 8 of them in a week (which Fiverr still hasn’t responded to) and at least ten over the course of a month.

I am resisting the urge to blast him via pm because at least he didn’t leave a bad rating. The whole thing just “feels” strange.

Ugh so sorry. Every time I’ve ignored my gut on someone that doesn’t sit well usually ends up being a more challenging buyer.

I do hope there is a way to have it removed if he ends up trying to use your work.


I once had a rewrite canceled because the buyer had said. “This material is bad and needs a 100% rewrite.” I said, “Yes it is bad and needs a 100% rewrite.” I then made him a custom offer for a rewrite and did not mention any percentages in my proposal. He wanted to cancel the order because my rewrite was only 86% different words and not 100% different words. :crazy_face: I told him I had said that as a figure of speech. He would not back down and kept asking me to use 100% different words. :scream: I contacted CS, and so did he. CS sided with him! :dizzy_face: It was a big order and took me much time to rewrite to 86%, I do not think it would even be possible to have 1005 different words because of words like pronouns and conjunctions. :thinking:

Moral of the story: Never mention a specific percentage and be careful of how you word your messages can unintentionally become part of your custom offer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, at least I know I’m not alone! So sorry for all of your bad experiences, too.

I’m wrapping my mind around the fact that maybe…maybe…MAYBE someone didn’t like my work! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, at least he didn’t leave me a bad review. I am drinking my sorrows away…heck, I needed an excuse, anyway :joy:

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Art is so subjective…what is fantastic for one person might not be for the next and it’s not a reflection of you or your skills. Your great reviews can attest to that. You are definitely not alone. Have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? It feels like a giant panda bear hug of reassurance for creative types…highly recommend with that drink :wink:


I’ve been there sweety, we can’t ignore the gut-feeling from now on. He just stole your work and it sucks :"<

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CS doesn’t give 2 shyts from sellers, EVER. It is sad indeed, I guess we just have to try our best and assess if the customer is going to be nice or not.

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