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Seriously, some people do have issues!


I mean this guy, is he for real?

He didn’t even see that at the moment in which the order was placed was in the middle of the night in my country (4:11 AM to be precise). And like we all know, the local time of each buyer and seller is shown, was he really expecting me to give him an entire idea, and reply within minutes at that time? Also, just 2 hours passed from the time of placing the order until the time of the cancellation request. Not to mention, that he required extra work.

I was happy to give him the refund because this buyer smelled like trouble, and actually it seemed fishy judging by his google search.

And seriously, in situations like this, the system shouldn’t punish us for not completing an order.

Peace out!


I do think though, some buyers, they may not pay attention to the tiny time line in the inbox but think that the algorithm that displays the “Response Time”, 1 hour for many if not most sellers, is more sophisticated than it is and actually shows them the average response time of a seller for the timezone they are in or something. :woman_shrugging:

If it´s that kind of urgent, they shouldn´t order from someone they didn´t talk to per inbox/live before, either way, of course, but yeah, I think the displayed Response Time may cause issues like that.

Yours shows 2 hours, incidentally, by the way.


Yep, that’s a good point. I mean, this guy was cr4zy.

He wanted me for $10 to do a unique design that looked like a scene from a fairy tale, with a prince and a princess kissing, and they needed to wear his “luxurious” watches (which were actually low-grade replicas). With a magical setting. However, before proceeding he wanted me to tell him my special idea, and send him a draft of both of them so he can decide.

I got it off my chest.

Regarding the response time, it counts just the messages from the inbox, not the ones on the order pages.


How many buyers know that? All they know is that they’ve read on your profile page that you would respond to them in 2 hours (or, at least, that’s what they think they’ve read).


Response Rate ≠ Response Time, but that´s not my point anyway. You said he cancelled 2 hours after ordering. Your Response Time shows as 2 hours.


So is not responding within your published response time sufficient reason to cancel? Seems unreasonable to me.


Of course it´s unreasonable. But, you know.


It’s totally unreasonable. Also, when you contact a seller, and it’s late in their timezone, you get a notification message that the seller might be sleeping. I know this because I buy services from time to time.

I mean, if I am sleeping, and it’s 4 AM, which is actually shown on the bar, and BTW it’s not that hard to miss, any reasonable (or better say sane) person would give a bit more time for the response. Oh, and I forgot he had seen that I was offline.

@miiila - Thanks for correcting me, I thought that I have written “response time”. :slight_smile:

Edit: In case he placed the order from a mobile, maybe that way he was not able to check those stuff.


Just wanted to mention it in case you weren´t aware it´s different things, some people aren´t. :slight_smile:

Hm, actually, I did buy something a bit ago late at (my) night and think it would have been night for the seller as well, but I didn´t get the pop-up. Could be wrong, though, I didn´t really check for their time as I´m not that kind of impatient as your ex-buyer :wink: or could be a bug too, I guess.

My actual point is that if the displayed “Response Time” is a common reason for reactions like that of your buyer/canceller, it´s looking more like a :bug: than a feature… well, it´s difficult to provide for all and any sorts of unreasonable behaviour. Which brings us back to “not all cancellations should count against the seller”, so I better drop the mic now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly, that was the idea of this post as stated in my OP. :grin:


And I fully agree, wanted to add the Response Bug Response Time tangent because the coincidence of your response time with the time the buyer waited from ordering to cancelling, it can double duty as rant/‘bug’ report. :upside_down_face:


I think that in the end you were able to dodge a potential problem buyer.
I’m sorry that this happened to you, if I have woken up to this image, I won’t
be happy either.

I’m not trying to copy Vickie, but here, have a :coffee: and :doughnut:
It helps!


Sometimes buyers don’t read the gig description and suddenly give orders without any discussions.
This cause cancellation and rating problems.


Well, Miss Zeus, actually I copied @offlinehelpers on giving people treats! So the credit goes to her. But I think since we are in a virtual world here we can all give each other virtual treats. :slightly_smiling_face: Since you love M & Ms I thought you would like a :chocolate_bar:


You dodged a bullet. Be happy that he cancelled. It would not have gotten better.


Indeed! I would have cancelled anyway. But at least he did it. :joy::joy:


Hey Freaky,

Next time toss a rotten :eggplant: at him. :wink:

Since the other lovely ladies offered you treats. :chocolate_bar::cake:

I’m offering you a message massage. Sounds good? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sounds good :yum:

But in my garden I don’t have rotten :eggplant: it is just a healthy one. :joy:



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@gig_freak @nikavoice

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