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Seriously, some people

So having your image/gig description stolen is nothing new, and I hadn’t had that happen to me in a while, but during my break I randomly decided to do my little Fiverr patrol and bam, there it was.
A Japanese translation gig in the “latest arrival” section with a very familiar looking lucky cat image…oh right, I DREW THAT.

I clicked on it, and was slightly surprised to see that this seller also copy/pasted my ENTIRE gig description. Not a single sentence had been changed.
The dude is from Morocco, ( he clearly says so in his profile) but in the gig description says “I am Japanese” because well, that description was written by me. It says he will translate 500 words for $5 when the description gives a different rate.

OK I get it, this lazy bum-bum of a dude looked at my gig, thought hey, a TRS, cool, that means if I steal the gig image and description that’s gonna magically generate orders, and I’ll be sipping wine while I stick in all the orders into Google and call it a day.

Of course I reported him. Seriously though…shame on him.


I’ve seen this so much time, I have no idea what they expect other than a ban…


This guy is offering translation gigs in other languages too, but I won’t be surprised if those were all copied as well. Usually when it comes to reporting fake sellers I’m not that lucky, but for sellers who steal images/descriptions, I like that the flag button actually does work. :sunglasses:


Still glad that it works since this platform is a clown fiesta…

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A little update;
So the gig that was copying mine got deleted. OK, good.
Since this seller had two other translation gigs I got nosy and did a little “checking”.
The other two gigs were a complete copy as well.




Wait, so there isn’t an influx of Japanese Moroccans who offer translation services? Darn. :rofl:


Sorry to disappoint you, but nope! :rofl:
BTW all the gigs are gone, but the seller himself is still there.
Quite surprised that his account didn’t get banned.

Makes me wonder what’s the difference between the ones that get banned in a heartbeat VS a seller like this one. I mean, what are the chances this seller would offer an honest gig?
Maybe it’s just luck, I dunno. :thinking:


I think the gigs with profiles that get utterly obliterated without a trace remaining of ever existing are ones who steal copyright and restricted material from litigious-happy businesses and corporations who are more than happy to bring up threats of legal action to Fiverr if they don’t promptly remove the offending gig and user.


Copy from other, it’s a very bad thing, thanks for reporting against him

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Perhaps we’ll see that one crying on the forum that all of their gigs were removed for no reason?


If that happens I’ll have a nice reply/advice ready for him :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: