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Seriously this seller? How?

Seriously? Now they are everywhere? Not only from emails or phone calls? Am I racist now? Now I have to believe what people say for years.

Gig description: full site optimization.
Reality: Only sell new Adsense accounts.

Mod note: image removed. Please remove the seller’s name before reposting.

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Hi, I’m afraid you’ll have to edit out the user’s name. We’re not allowed to call out other buyers/sellers on the forum.

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Order details (from the same gig page): “I will get you an approved Google Adsense and set it up for you”.

Gig title: " I Will Approve Google Adsense For Your Website"

I’m not sure whether that’s a legitimate service (I seriously doubt it), but that’s what the gig title and the order details say.

Why would you bring country/race into this because of a misunderstanding with one person?


This exactly! I have worked with people from all over the world. Some are fantastic, some suck. But I am not going to bring a whole country/race down due to a single buyer. That is just unfair.


I saw that (20characters)

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Is that gig against Fiverr’s TOS? New Adsense accounts are popular because once your Adsense account is banned, it’s almost impossible to get it back. Google is the worst company when it comes to customer service, appeals, second chances, etc., so for many people, it’s easier to just buy another Adsense account.

That was for your eyes only.

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