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Seriously, What you pay is what you get

Hi everyone! been here a little while and i must say something about fiverr - YOU ROCK! Now why did i say that? i didn’t say it because i want an admin to notice me…lol! i didn’t say it because i got a wink from someone here either, i said it cos its the truth. Fiver rocks!

Fiverr is just unique from many other peeps doing the same thing. I love the nature of the free market. I like its “pay-as-you-earn” (paye) system, and its hassle free nature, and another part i love seriously is the serious work the admin is doing to keep this market place always tidy.

One of the things that make this place very unique is the entire “$5” market idea. I don’t know precisely whether fiverr had the philosophy of “little beginnings” while initiating this different online marketplace, but to me, its what makes it unique.

Buyers all over can easily come here and pick up services at a cheap rate and smile home, but we need to understand that seriously, what you pay is what you get! I for one value every dollar i make here on this platform, but i value even much more, my years of training and skills i have acquired so far.

Am so glad for the new packages and gig extra system that fiverr has since made available so as to help sellers upsell their services and happily render more value to buyers. In my niche where you put in a lot of effort to rightfully place a buyers idea and cook up something amazing, seriously you will not get much for $5. Premium services require premium payment, and priority service requires priority payment. Big ups to buyers that understand this, and to those who doesn’t, its only a matter of time you will get a low quality service and then have to pay double to get something great.

Hope someone got something here. Feel free to lend a voice…

$5 is as valuable as the seller makes it. Buyers need to remember that, and not add on expectations of what they should get “free” because “I want it”. While $5 in India (or anywhere where the exchange rate is favorable) goes further than $5 in North America or Europe, giving you more bang for your buck, don’t expect the moon on a stick. Less isn’t always more! Be cheap with your expectations, and you can be sure to get what you deserve: cheap results.

What did the little birdie say?
“cheap cheap cheap”.

I don’t think what you pay is what you get is always true to an extent, I feel I am easily underselling my services but I do so because I want the experience to use to build my portfolio.

That is a sound strategy for sellers, but not for buyers: poor cheap choices can result in having to pay again–and often more–to fix the mistakes made for the sake of saving a few dollars. You outsource to make life easier, so why not spend a little more?

How does someone describe to buyers that $5 won’t get them as much while not disparaging the gig or the $5 sale. Any tips on how to phrase that?

Your gigs are easier since you simply can change the number of words for each extra.

I am a seller and my basic gigs are at $5. My quality is ALWAYS 100%! The only thing different always is the quantity. Such as quantity of words or photos. That’s it :slight_smile:

“chirp chirp chirp” - Little Birdie

I would like to know this as well…

Yup, best to always give 100% quality, nice gigs. Your “create personalized video en espanol for you” looks enticing :smiley:

it’s really not “what you pay is what you get” although yes, it makes sense. There are sellers that try to attract buyers by offering their services for very low prices. At the end it all comes down to would you spend the money on something that’s not worth or…

it depends what the seller offers and many other things.

On the other side fiverr is a great place to find great services at a very affordable prices. We all want to cut down expenses these days.

cheers and happy holidays,

I tend to agree. I also undersell my services to provide the clients of Fiverr a great value. I design all day for a decent salary, but it’s nice to be able to have a bit of side money by selling my services for less than what they’re worth because it’s a convenient way to do business and I enjoy building my portfolio.

When I first started on Fiverr, I over delivered every order to build up reviews and get more orders. Later I slimmed things down in my gigs, so that at most each one would take me 30 minutes to an hour to work on and deliver.

The thing is I still over deliver because I believe in quality. In this case, I try to stand out from the what you pay is what you get crowd.

What really rattles me though, is when people ask for extras on top of what I am already providing because they are sending me regular work. In fact, if Fiverr was the real world and we were face to face, I’d probably smile and throw a drink over them at this point. What I have to do instead though, is a merry little dance around how actually… No. What usually happens then though, is they go away and come back again a week later with their tale between their legs after finding out what a fiver gets them most other places,