Seriously whats wrong with buyers this week?


This week has been the worst.
I’ve had to make out 3 tickets with support this week alone. And in one of the tickets I went ahead and took care of an issue without making 4th ticket… (So technically I would have had to make out 4 support tickets)
And I’m looking at having to do another right now.

Now I’ve got a buyer who is using , not only the video I made for him … but the latest modified version he asked for … and STILL is rejecting the order …

And another person left a 4.7 review.
4 stars for Communication
5 for service as described
5 for would buy again / recommend

He sent an order , I did it , he asked no questions , nothing… We didn’t need to communicate about ANYTHING. So how the hell do I get 4/5 rating?

I’m willing to bet money that this guy ordered from fiverr’s mobile app.
This may the case of FAT FINGERS… but holy crap man.

Whats wrong with people?
It’s 1/23/2017 … one of the last days I’m going to have a 100% rating cause at this point I dont give a damn anymore.


Turn of your computer and take a walk :grinning:

4.7 is still a great rating.

Don’t worry too much and just focus on providing excellent work and service.


Fiverr is not the place for perfectionists.
– Got it! =P


Re: geting 4.7 stars,

That question of would you buy it again seems to get 4 stars because they already bought it so why would they buy it again? That’s what they tell me.

Actually now that you mentioned it, the 4.7 I just got could be from fat fingers as you say.
I dread going through the entire process again with CS over that but still, it’s so unfair and wrong I will do it if that’s the case. I refuse to use the resolution button for that. I think CS needs to remove the review automatically when it’s proven it’s a mistake due to the app.


You should see my last two reviews! They’re both getting imgured for services to stupidity later.

EDIT: if anyone wants to see what a massacre of a buyer review looks like in Imgur, check out my 4.5 star retort. I was only trying to help diddums improve his gig. I’m going to try and get the 3.whatever review removed first for being a case of sheer lunacy first. Actually, no I won’t. this isn’t even a negative review.

Let there be no doubt that imgur is a wonderful tool in this situation.


I feel in my gut its an accident by the client. It happens mostly through the mobile app. I mean … you dont mark someone a 4/5 for communication unless we needed to talk and I said something they may have not liked to hear right? …

When it’s a simple video and I complete it and thank them at the end… I dont know why they would mark a 4/5 for “Buyer Communication”… so I really think it’s an accident… but as much as its “Only a 4.7 and still great” … Anyone who is serious about their store here will want to maintain the best rating possible. There are too many problematic buyers that can leave a bad rating…

So … if its an accident , saving a few of those will add up in your favor in the long run.


Just turn a problem buyer into a laughing stock by demolishing them. It’s very satisfying. Anyone reading his review v. mine will side with me. If they don’t… well, one problem less.


I second that.

This week has been exceptionally hellish for me. I remember @stcylace had spotted this trend early on her thread ‘do meanies come in waves’. Holy fish poop! this is not a wave, this week is a tsunami!

The forum front page is full of people who have had bad experiences with buyers. Some of them have taken unilateral actions and got their accounts banned, some of them have gotten bad ratings and some are seething under the pain of refunds and chargebacks. That’s some high quality traffic we got to witness this week. Even those who didn’t buy are quite the interesting lot.


Or go watch a movie, like I am going to, in just a few hours :smile:


Perfectionists for $5.


I’ve got 2 cancelled orders in 2 minutes from a buyer who now wants to give me $40 to not terminate our business relationship while howling about how he can’t afford my services.

It’s all fun here. As the buyer has previously been banned, he seems more terrified (as a seller also) that I might go drop a bomb on CS.

Tsunami indeed.


That’s excellent, the way you included a link with the part of your description highlighted to show that it costs more to have you write the description. Now if only the lazy people take the time to go to that link.

Are we allowed to put links like that in our gig descriptions? Because that review will scroll out of site soon and it’s a great way to point out that they should buy that extra.


I never got any 4.7 or 4.3 until that app came along, then started getting two or three a month because of that.

PLEASE FIX THE APP SO IT DOESN’T KEEP LEAVING LESS THAN 5 STARS FIVERR? Or post something that tells us you are working on it? Thank you!


Doesn’t matter if it’s $5 or $10, the cheapest buyers remain the most problematic. It’s lke out of the two braincells they possess, the other one went on a walk and the left less capable one to control of the helm.

NOTE: I’m fine with basic gig buyers that understand the limitations. I’m not fine with their dribble.


They want something for nothing and are mad when they don’t get that. If they would just read the gig description!


I think this is infectious because I got a buyer cancel 3 orders all placed a different times of the day in less than 30 seconds.


that sucks because that hurts your gig in the search rankings… really there has been a lot of bad traffic this week. I hope it doesnt have to do with the whole pewdiepie thing… I mean … I knew that could bring some ridiculously bad buyers… but … I havent gotten anything obnoxious… just an influx of people who can’t read or are too angry or wanting something for nothing… same old stuff… just more of us.


Get SHIT done!

This week was more like constipation. :joy:


Heh … I’m so glad I’m not alone jeeeeez!

It’s really not hard to pop up a CONFIRMATION DIALOGUE asking the buyer to finalize their rating.

A simple pop-up could show up when they submit their rating which asks them:
“Are you sure this is correct? - Please click Yes or No to continue”

That little extra 3-4 seconds of time should be put on the client because the 20-30 minutes of my time explaining to CS or attempting to reach the customer… is not worth the trouble in comparison.

What would really save me a lot of trouble… and so many others… is so simple , you’d think fiverr is not changing it because they want to screw people over… but get this…

The buyer places an order… No $$ is transferred from the buyer’s bank yet… but I can see the order as a seller… I get to cancel or “Virtually Refund” their order before “Accepting” it … So … the buyer keeps their $$ in their bank… and I dont have to do that improperly placed order… Or maybe I can then contact them to work out a proper price…

Regardless , I wouldnt have to send a cancellation AND HOPE THEY ANSWER IT … because … if they Don’t … it hurts your gig… (non-mutual cancellations hurt you) … So it forces you to be prepared to write a ticket each time to go to cancel a gig … or risk it going late … or the buyer not cancelling it when you request it … or them volleying it back and forth as they try to haggle the price… ALL of these things HAPPEN… … When you have several people with all of these problems happening…

This ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION could solve them all. Allow sellers to cancel orders within 24h of the order being placed. Don’t take the buyer’s $$ until the order is ACCEPTED by the seller. (if 24h passes , the funds transfer to to fiverr’s system and the order auto-accepts)

I challenge anyone to come up with a problem with that system. I’m genuinely curious.


All $5 buyers should be automatically presented with some information about what they will get for the $5 and a chance to buy extras before I accept the order.

It could only apply to $5 orders.

Since they don’t read the gig descriptions they need to be forced to read what is and is not included.