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Because I’m going to be traveling for Thanksgiving, I’ve extended the delivery times on my gigs and put at the top of the descriptions in all caps that orders placed by a certain date (two days ago) won’t be completed until December…and yet I still have people ordering saying, “I need this in a week” or “I need this by Monday.” Really? I mean…REALLY? I understand that people rarely actually read gig descriptions, but then to get angry when I tell them that it’s literally an impossibility for me to deliver according to their imposed (and not paid for) accelerated deadline?

I understand buyers outside the US, but buyers inside the US!? Are you serious? I’m not WalMart, I’m not open on national holidays and especially not when I put a special notice on my gigs and extend them out to 28 days. I know now I should have suspended my gigs, but I’ve read on here some horror stories about suspending your gigs and losing levels.

GRRR. I know I shouldn’t complain about getting work, I just wish people would be a little more considerate. Anyway…rant over.


I would include it in the buyer instructions and user profile too. That way there will be three things that they haven’t read. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @cheezees: oooooooo good idea! Haha


Is there some sort of penalty you will have to pay if you temporarily suspend your gigs?


Reply to @ricksper: I think it only applies if you suspend them for a long time…not sure what the duration is. I’ve suspended mine for 24 hrs and not had any problem, but someone ranted recently about suspending their gigs and returning to find they’d dropped a level. I think it was more than a week…don’t quite remember.



If you are truly out of pocket and cannot do gigs while traveling, then suspending your gigs is your best move.

There are a lot of Sellers (myself included) that periodically suspended gigs for a day, a week with no problem what-so-ever.

Extending delivery still leaves the gig open and anyone can order from you. Extending works best when you are jammed up with orders, have an equipment failure or some other short term need.

If you aren’t available in any form, suspending your gig is the way to go.

Happy travels!


I suspended my gigs for three months last summer. I lost my levels but only for a few days. It’s just a case of getting orders again and I contacted previous buyers to say that I was back (I’d informed them of the break beforehand) and whether they wanted to order. I got enough from them to get my levels back. Remember level two is 50 sales within a two month period, so I assume that means each two months need to have 50 sales between them. So November-December and then December-January…if you’re away from the middle of November to the start of February, there’s a risk of losing levels because you wouldn’t have had the 50 orders between December and January.

Hope that makes sense. I’m trying to type with fingers that feel frozen to the bone because I’m refusing to put the heating on right now :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the responses, you guys! I think I’m definitely just going to suspend them today and it’ll all be good. Extending my gig time in the past has usually staved off orders from new customers, but this time around it seems suspension is the way to go.