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I just had someone order my photo gig without talking to ME first and he orders and says take a photo of a cop with a gun pretty much…yeah right. Am I supposed to pick a random cop. Now I can only HOPE he does a mutual cancellation.




and he accepted the mutual cancellation thank youuuuu! lol


Nah, Fiverr has been around for years, their system is flawless.

What probably happened was he assumed your physical beauty amounted to some sort of compensatory “professionalism”, and became completely confident you would be able to perform any photography-related task, with stellar performance at that.

Come to think of it- it’s not an odd request. That’s how an officer would be in public. Asking to take a photo of an officer WITHOUT his firearm would be. Walk by a police station, park, or government building, take a photo of a public officer, and collect $5.

In the buyer’s defense, what also might have happened is that even though you mentioned to message you first, in capital letters at that, the prefacing symbol-laden title text detracts from the main body of text. As does your avatar.


Reply to @ceceliavo: I suggest stating in the gig description what you will not do as part of the gig. If you do not, buyers will get the impression that you will take photos of anything or anyone. An extra sentence or two stating your limit will go a long way in managing misunderstandings with buyers.


I understand but I can’t just take a photo without prior approval and consent. He would have to agree and to give the photos to someone else they may want to be given something in exchange you know what I mean?


@hotwebideas thank you for the suggestion I guess I had some wrong on my part as well I didn’t think thoroughly about what I can and can’t do but I thought I would be messaged ahead of time…not everyone reads everything I suppose.


@aboredrichguy thank you for the compliment I think? haha And I understand…I have to state things a bit more clearly. I am still fairly new and we all make mistakes.


yeah mutual cancellation works for both ends I guess…I think that is not something harms the rating or any other hidden treatment… :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad it worked out for you, that can be very troublesome


I have or can get a zillion pictures of Cops with Guns - I live in a bad neighbourhood (lol)

just kidding

how much is a zillion anyways?


@charleytakaya :stuck_out_tongue:


good one


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