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A man messaged me asking how much it would cost for an hour of my time. I said I offer fixed prices depending on the service and asked what he was looking for. He said he wanted beauty tips (no idea why he looked like a 30 year old man who doesn’t wear make-up) I said that’s not my area of expertise and I can’t help him. Then he gets a bit creepy saying how is it possible that I do not know beauty tips when I am “so beauty” and etc. Anyone else had an experience like this, how did you respond? I do wonder what he would have asked me had I taken him up on the proposition lol.

I think he was just hitting on you. Most profiles with female photos ( the more attractive the worse) should expect such messages. There are gigs offering to talk to the buyers for a certain amount of time and they sell, so… xD

Reply to @zeromark: Fair enough, I am a graphic design though lol so his messages were super weird.

Beauty tips can mean hair, moustache, beard, acne, facial scars, facial cream, haircuts, it’s not just makeup.

Just write a paragraph about everything he’s doing wrong and what he needs to do. Maybe give him some fashion advice. Just make sure he places an order first.

I agree that the guy was probably just hitting on you and/or hoping you might offer some “special” graphic design featuring yourself in birthday outfits. :wink: As far as the beauty tips, thing, though - you never know for sure.

My sister once came to a city I lived it for a Mary Kay convention when she sold makeup. She had several friends who also sold Mary Kay and were meeting there. My sister knows I am not into the bar scene but she and her friends were, so she begged me to take them out to a bar after the convention one night. I thought I would get her back for pushing me into going to the bar, so I took her and her friends to an LGBT bar. Before the night was over, they had signed up 5 men and 1 woman as new Mary Kay “ladies”! The joke was on me that time. (Though in your case I still think it was just a dude who liked your picture.) =))

It does sound like he was hitting on you. If you’re not sure, just ask him what he meant exactly. The “so beauty” part it seems he had some spelling issues.

Personally I would ignore him if what he’s saying isn’t related to any of your gigs whatsoever, if he persists to send you sexually advancing msgs, do NOT reply and report him, that’s sexual harassment and shouldn’t be tolerated! :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: haha that sounds like fun & I literally have no beauty tips to offer a man lol. Let alone anyone, it isn’t exactly my forte

Reply to @fastcopywriter: It’s not really something I feel comfortable doing, nor do I know anything about moustache, beards, acne or facial scars. I’d like to get rid of my own facial scars, could do with some tips myself lol.

Reply to @idesigngraphic: That’s a valid response. There are things I don’t feel comfortable doing as well, which is why I click “resolution center” and then “Buyer ordered by mistake” or whatever applies.

Heck, I rarely feel comfortable making revisions, to me that’s very insulting. Almost like being told, “I don’t value your time, so I’m going to make you work twice for the same amount of money.” Some sellers are starting to charge for revisions, I support them. I thought about that, but some clients are never happy, those need to get refunded ASAP.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yes, I have only had one buyer like that (in my short amount of time) and it felt so relieving to cancel. It really ticks me off when they don’t communicate what they want and keep expecting you to mind-read it and ignore your questions about it! That is only one person out of the 25 people I have served though. Although one guy sent me tracklists with all the names written wrong then made me do about 10 revisions fixing it bit by bit which was tedious as well. But he was nice, like most of the buyers here :slight_smile:

Reply to @idesigngraphic: Let me show you something, this guy makes a $40 order (two radio commercials, headlines, etc.) This is what he writes:

"Hi there, I just purchased 2 commercials:

One Regular Gig + 30 sec
One Extra Regular Gig

The 1 min. gig is for a local Solar and Electric Company. They’ve actually been in business since 1980 as electricians and the son, who is taking over, started the solar portion 5 years ago. I am contracted to help with their marketing and advertising and we are interested in radio. "

How can I do this job? I have no talking points, I don’t even have a company link. Am I suppose to write. “Get solar power today! Visit Acme Lighting dot com or call 333-333-333.”

Seriously, it’s like some clients don’t think. My instructions were clear: "Please send me your company name, description of product/service, and any relevant data that might help me, such as the website. "


I can’t believe you made 10 revisions, hope it was worth it to you. Buyers are lucky when I make one revision.