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Server downtime

Hi there,
I have heard server will down. I have delivery on Sunday. How can I send data to my client? If i can’t send the file, Is it effective in my account?
Mhm Mehedi

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It’s only for an hour, I believe, so it’s unlikely that it’ll completely kill your ability to deliver. I guess either wait an extra hour or (if the delivery time is before the maintenance time) try to speed up work by an hour-ish?


Experienced seller says " Fiverr says 1 hour, but it takes 5-6 hour".That"s why I worried. Thanks for reply.

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Ahh, that does make sense. I’m not sure about the maintenance time, as I’ve never bumped into one. Hopefully they don’t keep it up longer than they said they would…

Don’t count on that.

In cases like these, I guess we can only hope :confused:

The best option truly is to do everything possible to deliver your order before the time of maintenance.

Another option you can do is talk to your client and tell them that the delivery is postponed for reasons beyond your control.

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You can ask your client for a time extension


discus about your project with your client…

You can Discuss this with your client or you can speed up the work and deliver it before the maintenance start

@somaginer1996 You are right, 1 hour is nothing

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